Ghost Photo: Departing Soul?

ghost picture Ghost Photo: Departing Soul?

A reader writes: “I was given this photo by one of my paranormal team members. It was taken the day before the man passed away in his home.  I’ve been trying to debunk it without much success. I would be interested to hear what others think.”

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Ghost Photo: Staircase Specter

ghost pic haunted stairs Ghost Photo: Staircase Specter

Does this image from England’s Sefton Paranormal Investigations show a spirit peering over the banister?

The video still comes from Stanley Palace, a 16th-century Tudor building in the city of Chester. According to the site’s curator, a man once died beneath the staircase and now haunts the place of his death. Is that his ghost looking down at investigators?

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Reader Submission: Possessed by Henry VIII

henry viii Reader Submission: Possessed by Henry VIII

“I am not a believer in ghosts, but then I don’t not believe. I guess I’m what they call ‘open minded’.

Yesterday, I visited Windsor Castle. The chapel there is filled with tombs and underground vaults containing the remains of kings and queens from years gone by. Walking around, I felt strange, almost uneasy. I have been on a few ghost hunts before but never felt any kind of fear.

As I turned the corner, I entered a room with seats and candles running down either side. On the floor between the two rows were stones displaying the names of whose remains were beneath our feet. I was reading the text on one tablet when for a couple of seconds I lost my vision and hearing and had no idea who or where I was. The only feeling I had was of unbelievable anger. All this happened as I stood over Henry VIII’s final resting place.

Like I said, I’m open minded. But I cant help thinking, did I feel the presence of Henry VIII not only in the room, but actually inside me taking over my senses? Stories of so called possession are common these days. I used to think such phenomena was B.S., but now I’m not so sure! I would like peoples opinions on this.”

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Ghost Photo: Fleeing from Fire

woman baby ghosts Ghost Photo: Fleeing from Fire

This photo originally appeared on AngelsGhosts.com and reportedly shows a ghostly woman and child near the site of a raging fire. Personally, I think the ‘spirits’ are an illusion caused by smoke and blurred foilage in the background. Other people aren’t so sure. What do you believe?

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