Reader Submission: The Man in the Garden

abandoned cottage ireland

“In the 1960s, my partner and I returned to my home country, England. We came back to a town called Warwick. Unfortunately, there weren’t any houses on the market, so we were forced to rent. The house my partner and I rented was a beautiful, old cottage.

From the moment I entered, I didn’t feel right. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but I felt I was constantly being watched. But, me being me, I felt I was probably overreacting, so put it to one side and carried on with life.

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10 Natural Disasters That Created Ghosts


“Thousands Dead,” “Hundreds Missing,” “Entire City Gone.” Natural disasters are synonymous with death and destruction, and headlines scream tales of human suffering. But when news coverage wanes and the initial shock wears off, other, more unusual, stories emerge: tales of ghosts. Here are 10 natural disasters, some modern and some not, that reportedly left hauntings in their wake.

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Reader Submission: Poltergeist Problem?

shadow person
“As a kid, I was never really a true believer in the paranormal. It was more the enjoyment of being scared and doing Ouija boards with friends. Nothing really happened though. So when the following things started to occur I always sought a non-paranormal cause.

It began two years ago when I thought I woke up in the night. I was lying on my stomach, and it felt like someone was sitting or pressing down on my back. I was struggling to breathe. I then woke ‘properly,’ and I was lying in the same position as when something had been pressing me. I spoke to a family member who said I had experienced sleep paralysis, so I brushed the incident off.

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Truth or Legend? A Killer Slave Haunts the Myrtles Plantation


The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, LA bills itself as one of the most haunted homes in America. Dozens of legends surround the historic property, though the tale of Chloe the killer slave is by far the most famous. But is it true?

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