Ghost Video: Police Station Spirit?

The video above comes from a police station in Espanola, NM. It seems officer Karl Romero was monitoring the station’s surveillance cameras when he noticed a strange white figure drift across the secured lot. The figure traveled through a gate and disappeared, and officers found nothing at the scene when they went to investigate.

Check out the news report here.

Skeptics believe a number of things could account for the whitish blob on tape, none of them supernatural. Their theories range from dust and insects to reflections and ‘ghosting’.

What do you believe?


Reader Submission: Things That Linger

creepy house3 Reader Submission: Things That Linger
“After my husband and I bought our first home, strange things happened right away. In fact, the activity started our first night there.

We were exhausted from moving, so my parents watched our baby. Soon after crawling into bed, I heard what sounded like a huge party going on in the kitchen. I heard dishes rattling, chairs moving, silverware clanking, etc. After about 45 minutes, I finally rolled over and asked my husband if he heard the sounds. He admitted that he did.
When we got up and opened the bedroom door, the noises stopped. The kitchen was completely silent. We walked around the house and the yard but found nothing.

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Voices from Beyond: Can Ghosts Speak Through Laptops?

evp Voices from Beyond: Can Ghosts Speak Through Laptops?

Can ghosts or demons speak through everyday electronic devices? One woman is convinced an entity spoke through her laptop and believes she has the evidence to prove it.

I found this story in the paranormal section of Reddit.com.  A user there said that weird things used to happen in her former apartment, things like electronics acting up, mysterious knocks at the door, and shadowy figures appearing during Skype sessions. However, it was the disembodied voices that scared the woman and her roommates the most.

“Voices would start coming out of anything electrical,” she wrote. “This would come from our headphones when listening to music on an iPod, on our phones, from our laptops, during Skype, on the TV, on a DVD, and even Christmas toys that had batteries in them. The voices would all sound the same.”

Before fleeing her apartment, the woman managed to record a voice emanating from her laptop. Check it out below.

While many Redditors believe the woman captured something paranormal, others disagree. Skeptics in the comment section argue the voice is nothing more than radio interference. Others accuse the woman of making the whole tale up. What do you believe?


Reader Submission: A Visit from the Past

shadow people Reader Submission: A Visit from the Past

“A few years ago (when I was still living at home), my father started renovations in the living room. With the walls being knocked down and me falling in love with the aged wallpaper underneath, I of course started joking around about how the renovations were going to cause a haunting and how the previous owner wasn’t going to like the changes. Turns out I was half right.

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