Reader Submission: An Evil Attack

shadow man Reader Submission: An Evil Attack

“I was stalked and then attacked by my ex after he came into my home to kill me on Feb 25, 2011. He burst inside with a gun pointed at me and another at my 14-year-old daughter and friend. About 30 cops showed up, but they refused to come inside, instead choosing to break out windows to get a shot at him.

During the chaos, I dropped to my knees and began saying the Lord’s Prayer. I had given up and believed I would die, but I heard a voice say ‘Get up. You will live, but you must figure out how to survive.’ Thanks to this power and presence, I was able to fight my ex off. Despite being shot twice and beaten to a pulp by a man who outweighed me by 120 pounds, I was able to get to my safe and retrieve my own weapon. A gunfight ensued which resulted in my ex finally falling after I shot him multiple times in self defense.

Witnesses told the detective my ex’s eyes were black and his face was distorted during the attack. I told the detective the same. We all saw the same thing, even though we didn’t have a chance to compare stories as I went straight to the ER after the incident.

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Reader Submission: Real Slender Man Sighting?

slender man woods Reader Submission: Real Slender Man Sighting?

Every year since I was two years old, I have gone camping in the Poconos twice a year. I am 17 now, and this happened a few months ago.

I brought my boyfriend, and it was his first time camping, so I of course I wanted him to love it as much as I do. One day, my boyfriend, brothers, and I all headed down to a waterfall where most kids our age hang out. We all sat down in sort of a half circle and were talking and laughing and having a good time. Around dusk, my boyfriend and I decided to head back to the mess hall.

Now, I have to say that the trip there was not exactly the shortest walk. On the way there, we had to walk through two giant fields and up like six hills. On paper, that sounds easy, but I promise you it’s really not. Once we passed the hills and the fields, we came to a point where we had to choose between a dirt road that leads directly to the mess hall or a short cut. The dirt road was much more scenic, and I was totally feeling it, so I lead my boyfriend that way.

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Ghosts of the SS Eastland

eastland disaster 300x226 Ghosts of the SS EastlandOn July 24, 1915, employees of the Western Electric Company packed up their families and boarded the SS Eastland in Chicago for a day of fun and relaxation. The ship was bound for a company-sponsored picnic in Indiana, but the idyllic day turned into a nightmare when the vessel rolled completely onto its side during boarding and sank 20 feet to the river’s bottom.

The sudden rollover trapped hundreds of men, women, and children underwater, while hundreds more struggled to stay afloat in the river, a sight witnesses described as “a moving sea of bodies.” Despite the best efforts of nearby ships, 844 people perished in the incident, including 22 entire families. Now, some say, the ghosts of the doomed passengers linger on.

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Reader Submission: Haunted Home

haunted home Reader Submission: Haunted Home

“In 1988, my mother purchased a house in a small town called Greenway (not the real name). It’s a cool old house that was built in 1892 and has 12-foot ceilings and solid oak doors and trim work. It had been a rental house for several years, so we had to do a lot of work before my mom, sister, and her little girl could move in.

There were fireplaces in every room of the house, but none of them were safe to use. We bricked them all up but kept the mantels. The mantel in what once was the formal dining room had a built-in china cabinet, and the wood was this beautiful old oak. Of course, someone had painted over the woodwork for many years, so my sister and I had started to refinish and refurbish it.

One day we were there working on the mantel while my niece was playing. It was a quiet day with no workers. It was just us three. All the sudden, we heard a baby crying, and I mean crying loudly like was hurt. Just crying and crying. My niece came in and said ‘Aunt Sonya, where’s that baby? I can’t find it nowhere!’. She was maybe five at the time. So there we all went, running all over the place, looking for a baby that was crying its eyes out. We never did find it. I don’t remember how long we heard the crying, but at some point it stopped. Years passed and we heard the crying a few more times, but we never found a baby.

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