The Amityville Horror House: Hoax or Genuine Haunting?

amityville horror house The Amityville Horror House: Hoax or Genuine Haunting?

The Amityville horror house is arguably the most famous haunted home in the United States. The Ocean Avenue home has inspired countless books and a dozen films, with the latest, Amityville: The Awakening, slated to hit theaters early next year. However, are the stories about the house true or nothing more than an elaborate hoax?

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Ghost Photo: Loftus Hall Spirit?

loftus hall ghost photo Ghost Photo: Loftus Hall Spirit?

Earlier today, the U.K.’s Metro shared this odd image taken at Ireland’s Loftus Hall. It seems a tourist named Thomas Beavis snapped the pic while touring the historic estate.

“I only really looked at the photo while we were driving home – I was actually stunned,” said Beavis, 21. “We were all feeling a little edgy from the tour but when I showed the photo to my friends we freaked.”

Legend has it Loftus Hall is haunted by Anne Tottenham, a young girl who fell ill after encountering a demon, or perhaps even the devil himself. Shunned by her family, Anne reportedly spent the rest of her life locked away in the estate.

What do you think? Is that Anne in the photo or is it merely a reflection? Could it be a camera malfunction of some kind?

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Ghost Photo: Haunted Workplace

ghost photo apparition Ghost Photo: Haunted Workplace

This photo, recently shared with Reddit’s paranormal community, reportedly shows a ghost lurking in a old building. Redditor ferttie writes:

“I love a good ghost story and the building I work in is full of them. Recently the night staff began leaving sound recording devices in parts of the building and taking pictures in the direction of sounds of footsteps and the like. One of them sent me this picture.”

What do you think of the image?

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