7 Horrifyingly Haunted Places in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to stunning beaches, picturesque palms, and awe-inspiring volcanoes, but legend has it ghosts also call the islands home. Here are 7 haunted spots in Hawaii that may turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

USS Arizona – Honolulu

haunted places hawaii

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy bombed the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack that claimed nearly 2,500 American lives. Over 1,000 of those men died aboard the USS Arizona, and many of the victims’ bodies could not be recovered. Some say the doomed men haunt the wreckage today. One woman even claims to have seen a ghostly man’s face in the water.

Manoa Falls Trail – Honolulu

haunted hawaii

A banyan tree along the famous Manoa Falls Trail reportedly attracts the attention of Night Marchers, the legendary ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors. Witnesses claim to have seen the men marching along the trail late at night, beating drums and staring grimly ahead.

Kilauea Volcano – Big Island


According to local legend Pele, the Goddess of Fire, lives in Kilauea and appears in many forms. Some Hawaiians have seen Pele dancing among the volcano’s smoke and lava, while others believe she appears as a white dog to warn of an impending death. Collecting sand or rocks from the volcano is unwise as Pele reportedly curses those who disturb her home.

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Reader Submission: The Haunted Apartment

shadow person

“Up until a few months ago, I lived in an apartment in Manhattan with a roommate. We moved in the summer of 2012, and everything seemed fine…for a while.

It’s hot in August, so we had the AC window units running at night. It starts to cool off in September, so we turned off the AC and it was quiet at night. The first incident I noticed was when I heard what sounded like rustling in my dresser drawers. Because I’m a rational person, I dismissed it and told myself I was half asleep and that it was nothing. In the days/weeks after, I felt something jump on my bed in the middle of the night and walk around. But again, I ignored the incident, and in my half-asleep state of mind, thought it was my roommate’s cat. Then I remembered that my door was shut and the cat could not be in my room. This happened several times, so I knew it wasn’t just in my head, but I didn’t mention it to my roommate because I didn’t want us to scare each other.

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10 Haunted Places in Delaware That Will Give You Chills

Delaware may be small, but it’s full of ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. Here are 10 haunted places in Delaware that may just leave you sleepless.

Fort Delaware – Delaware City

haunted delaware

Now a state park, Fort Delaware once imprisoned Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Now the soldiers’ restless spirits reportedly pace the halls, searching for a way out. Other ghosts at the old fort include a guard who died after tumbling down a set of stairs and a kitchen servant who checks up on equipment and meals.

Cry Baby Bridge – Smyrna


A deformed infant reportedly haunts a cry baby bridge in Smyrna (located on Walnut Tree Road between Smyrna, Delaware and Millington, Maryland). Abandoned and murdered by his teenage mother, the furious baby screams and wails and kicks his hideously strong legs, felling trees in the process. Visitors report their cars behave strangely at the old bridge and that the baby prevents young women from leaving because he believes they may be his long-lost mother.

Dead Presidents Pub & Restaurant – Wilmington

haunted pub delaware

Housed in a building more than 200 years old, Dead Presidents Pub is reportedly haunted, not by a dead president, but by “Lemonade” Mullery, a former patron who died after slipping on a puddle of urine in the men’s room. Bartenders and waitresses now claim the spirit hurls dishes, levitates dominoes, and cackles at bewildered guests.

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Sleep With Spirits at These 9 Haunted Hotels in Alabama

Ghost dogs, wandering apparitions, and the spirit of a famous outlaw are just a few of the paranormal beings you’ll encounter in these haunted Alabama hotels. Once you check in, you may never check out.

Tutwiler Hotel – Birmingham


Also known as the Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham Downtown, the historic Tutwiler is home to “the knocker,” a disruptive presence that repeatedly raps on sixth-floor guests’ doors. The hotel’s restaurant is also plagued by a mischievous spirit that flicks lights on and off and messes with appliances. One night, the spirit, or spirits, even set a table, complete with a bottle of wine. Some believe the ghost is the hotel’s namesake, Colonel Tutwiler.

Rawls Hotel – Enterprise


Childish laughter and disembodied footsteps are just two of the sounds said to be caused by Rawls’ resident ghosts. Guests and staff have also spotted children running down the hall, but find no one when they go to investigate. The spirits are apparently particular about decor as one staff member discovered when something kept removing the window treatments he’d selected.

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