Real Ghost Stories From Ghosts And Ghouls’ Readers

The Bloody Girl

bloody banshee prop halloweenI was walking in the streets one night when I stopped to wait for my friend Nagi (not her real name). While I was waiting I heard a scraping noise. At first, I didn’t bother looking then my friend came. As we were about to leave, I again heard the scraping noise so I asked her “Narinig mo yun.” She said yes then just a little while later we saw blood dripping. When we saw where it was coming from we were shocked to see a girl and she’s tied at the neck! We ran as fast as we can and promised ourselves not to go back there.

Mysterious Warm Spot

Every night when I go to bed there is a warm spot on my side of the bed and I can’t explain it. We don’t have an electric blanket or hot water bottle and it’s a big bed well off the floor. At first, my husband and I laughed about it. Can anyone help with explanations?

Mystery Woman

About 15 years ago, (in the house i used to live in) I had a VERY SCARY experience. I was asleep on the couch in my living room. I had just turned over on my right side, facing the back of the couch, when all of sudden I had this TERRIFYING!!!! feeling that someone was standing behind me. I turned around real fast, and through my mind I was seeing this lady who looked like she was from the 60’s. She just stood there in her 60’s like housedress, with her hands clasped in front of her and she smiled. I was so terrified!!!! I put my hands against the back of the couch, as if only the couch could protect me. I looked down the hall, but I couldn’t even get a voice to yell for my husband! I’ve never seen this lady before, and have no relatives who resemble her. And the REALLY WIERD part is, I was given this as a psychic vision!!!! I’ll never understand that????!!!!

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