Shadow People in My House?

Despite my interest in the supernatural, I’ve never seen a ghost or had any experience that was remotely paranormal. That’s not to say I haven’t tried. I’ve been on countless ghost tours, sat alone in Charleston’s Old City Jail, and participated in investigations at the Tampa Theatre and the American Victory ship, all to no avail. However, lately I’ve been seeing what some describe as shadow people, shadow-like humanoid figures seen mostly in peripheral vision.

About a month or two ago, I began noticing shadowy movement just out of my range of sight. The perceived movement is always VERY brief, a second or two at most, and always vanishes the instant I look up. I can’t really say if the shadows are humanoid, though on a couple of occasions I thought I saw my toddler daughter walking in the hallway or my husband returning from the bathroom when they were actually in a different part of the house. I also saw a distinct flash in the kitchen, though I dismissed it as lightning or sunlight bouncing off a metallic object outside. Last night, I mentioned the sightings to my husband, who I fully expected to tease me. However, he’s seen them too. I wish he hadn’t told me that.

I must say that my “sightings” are nothing like those described in’s shadow people article (thank goodness). I haven’t spotted any distinct shadows, red eyes, or solid figures, just indistinct movement that could probably be explained away by vision problems, outside activity, or crazy pregnancy hormones (I’m 8 months pregnant). Additionally, my husband and I have never seen or heard anything strange in three years of living in this house.

Has anyone out there seen shadow people in their home? Did the shadows eventually subside or did they morph into something else?

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  2. A couple weeks ago I seen a shadow move quickly in my kitchen. It was out of the corner of my eye and my dog seen it too. The moment I saw it my dog bark like crazy as if someone was there, so I know I wasn’t imagining things… I didn’t really tell anyone. Then last night my mom was in the kitchen and saw something move towards the door she thought it was me and looked but no one was there . So that’s when I told her about couple weeks ago I seen something al this is the first time we ever seen anything like this before. Im not scared just was shocked that I actually seen it. So what ever happened to your shadow people in your house?

  3. You’re lucky it’s only small experiences. Keep your distance and protect yourself and your family. It can go bad or they could subside. Seems like they want to be known, so try not to dwell on them to much. Once you see red eyes or darker / bigger shadows that look human or something else then you should get yourself help.

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