Charleston Ghost Pictures

War, fire, earthquake, a notorious serial killer – there are few disasters the city of Charleston hasn’t seen in its 332-year history. Is it any wonder that ghosts and ghouls are said to roam the city’s historic streets? Here are a few unsettling ghost photos from Charleston, South Carolina.

Sue Howard Hardy Ghost Photos

An amateur photographer snapped this photo at St. Philip’s Cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina. Legend has it that the photo was taken exactly 99 years after the ghost in the picture, Sue Howard Hardy, gave birth to a stillborn baby. Mrs. Hardy died six days after the birth of the child.

charleston ghost photo sue howard hardy

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This photo, taken at Sue Howard Hardy’s grave, depicts an odd rainbow light.

weird light on sue howard hardy's headstone

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Charleston Old City Jail Ghost Photos

Charleston’s Old City Jail is over two hundred years old, and thousands of prisoners have died within the structure’s imposing walls. Operational from 1802 to 1939, the jail has seen countless beatings, executions, rapes, and murders, and many Charleston residents are certain former inmates haunt the prison and its grounds. Judging from the photos below, they’re on to something.

charleston old city jail ghost

charleston ghost old city jail

orb charleston city jail

charleston old city jail ghost photo

orbs old city jail charleston

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Charleston Graveyard Ghost Photos

Here are a few ghost photos taken in the old graveyards of Charleston, South Carolina. Can you spot the ghost girl hidden in the last picture?

ghost photo charleston graveyard

graveyard ghost photo charleston

ghost face in graveyard charleston

ghost girl in graveyard

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Strawberry Chapel Ghost Photo

Strawberry Chapel is a nearly 300-year-old church in a rural area outside of Charleston.

strawberry chapel ghost photo


Charleston Post Office Ghost Photo

This creepy photo was reportedly taken at a Charleston post office.

charleston post office ghost

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  2. Ghost Seekers should know that Strawberry Chapel is on private property so ANYONE trespassing
    faces arrest and prosecution.
    Violators beware-
    is the LIVING you may encounter with authority to arrest.
    Please respect and help protect this historic chapel from Thrill Seekers and Vandals.

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  5. I have a new one if you’d like to post it. Snapped a photo of the U.S. Custom House at night because I thought it was quite stunning. Later, when I zoomed in on one of the windows, I saw a ghostly figure hovering near the column. I would love to share it!

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