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Savannah, like Charleston, has a tumultuous history. Both cities have been plagued by war, hurricanes, and deadly disease, and both have a reputation for being exceedingly haunted. Here are a few eerie photos from “The Hostess City of the South.” Which city do you think boasts more ghosts – Savannah, Ga. or Charleston, S.C.?

Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost Photo (and Video)

We might as well start off with a bang (or a boo!). The video below is perhaps the creepiest footage ever to emerge from Savannah, Ga., or the entire U.S. for that matter. Shot by a Ohio teenager in 2008, the video shows what appears to be a ghostly child dashing through Savannah’s 262-year-0ld Colonial Park Cemetery. The figure leaps into a tree, hangs out for a few seconds, and then dashes off. Another, less distinct, figure flows along in front of the boy (or girl). Special effects experts analyzed the video and reportedly found no evidence of tampering.

The Ghosts of 432 Abercorn Street

Legend has that a young girl once lived in the home at 432 Abercorn Street with her cruel father, an Army General. The little girl longed to play outside, but her father wouldn’t allow it. Why? There was a school was for lower class children across the street, and the General didn’t want his daughter associating with riffraff. One day, the lonely girl disobeyed her father and crept away to play with the students. The General caught her as she tried to sneak back inside the house. Enraged, the father tied his daughter to a chair in an upstairs bedroom and left her there for two days. The girl died of heat exhaustion, and she and the General are now said to haunt the historic home.

The first two photos reportedly show ghostly figures in the windows and on the porch. The third photo shows the face of the evil General. It seems his likeness seeped into the walls of the Abercorn home many years after his death.

432 Abercorn Street Ghost

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savannah ghost picture 432 abercorn

432 abercorn ghost face savannah


Bonaventure Cemetery Ghost Photos

Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery is famous for its inclusion in John Berendt’s 1994 novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The cemetery also appears in a movie by the same name.

Poet Conrad Aiken was buried in the beautiful cemetery. Does the photo below reveal the famous writer’s ghost?

bonaventure cemetery conrad aiken ghost

bonaventure cemetery ghost

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17Hundred90 Inn Ghost Photo

In 2009, actress/singer Miley Cyrus Tweeted about her encounter with the ghost of 17Hundred90 Inn. The celebrity and her mother stayed in #204, a room reportedly haunted by a ghost named Anna. According to Miley, the spirit left this hand print on her boot.

17 Hundred 90 Inn Ghost Handprint Miley Cyrus
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Haunted Savannah Ghost Photos

Here are a few unsettling photos snapped in various parts of Savannah.

sorel house savannah ghost

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keyhoe house ghost
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savannah ghost photo orbs
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Has anyone out there seen or photographed a Savannah ghost? Please share in the comments below or contact Ghosts ‘N Ghouls here.

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