St. Augustine Ghost Photos

Established in 1565, St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in America. Is it any surprise the city is said to harbor more than a few ghosts? Here are a few spooky photos snapped in the โ€œAncient City.โ€ Which do you find most convincing?

Is that a figure in the window? Or is it an illusion?

ghost picture st augustine florida

Orbs at St. Augustine’s city gates Tours of St. Augustine

Smoke or specter?

Angels Ghosts

ghost picture st augustine florida

Fiery phantasm

Ghost Augustine

ghost picture st augustine florida

Cemetery ghost photo

My Carolina Cottage

ghost picture st augustine florida

A ghost on camera?

Ghosts Among Us

ghost picture st augustine florida

A spirit transfer caught on camera?

Ancient City Tours

ghost picture st augustine florida

Cemetery orb


ghost picture st augustine light house

St. Augustine light house ghost

Angels Ghosts

ghost picture st augustine marine street

Ghost Girl on Marine Street?

St. Aug News

ghost picture st augustine florida

Fountain phantom in St. Augustine


7 thoughts on “St. Augustine Ghost Photos

  1. I have suggestions for a couple of these photos. Like the ‘orbs’ in Augustine City gates, its the flash catching either dust or more likely light drizzley rain. The ‘fiery phantasm’ photo as well as the ‘spirit transfer’ are almost certainly a mode of night setting on a camera. Also the spectre photo shows identical characteristics to smoke so can also be explained.
    The rest I just dont have a confident explanation of. Could quite possibly be paranormal ๐Ÿ™‚ Love this blog!

    • Good point. I wouldn’t say I think every photo I post is paranormal. However, I do think it’s fun to share so-called supernatural shots and let others decide. I’m actually not a big fan of orb or face photos. Have you seen any good ones I’ve missed?

      • Thats a good attitude to have. When there is no other explanation to pictures/videos it makes them so much more powerful. I struggle to believe any orb pictures too. I have taken photos with them in before and it just proves to me that dust and rain plays havoc with flash on cameras.
        Have you a contact email?? There are a couple I think you should take a look at ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Looking for a legitimate ghost hunt or paranormal investigations group in or around central Fl. for a tag along investigation, as well as overnight hotspots( hotels/ Inns, ect.), not necessarily a typical tourism type ghost hunt, but the real deal.Any suggestions or referrals are greatly appreciated. Thanx, Riot Wise

  2. i remember going on a ghost tour in st. augustine and had multiple cameras on a three day trip. i had taken pics in the cemetary, down main street, at the lighthouse, and the spanish fort. i had personal experiences while i was there so i knew if i take alot of pics maybe i can have evidence. the trip went fine and at the end i had four cameras and returned home anxiously awaiting developing my pics. but they were gone! i searched high and low for my cameras but never found them! i think that unexplained things happened and it was all because maybe i had captured things that maybe would have spooked me…this was in 1999, yet im still thinking about the cameras…

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