32 comments on “Haunted Disney: True Ghost Stories from the Happiest Place on Earth

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  2. Super fake! Whe she is talking about her friend that worked there, she referred to the friend that worked there she said “He” and the a few sentences later she said “she”. So was her friedn a she or he???

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  5. Holy crap! That is not fake at all i heard crying when i was first entering the haunted mansion and NO ONE was in sight because it was 1 in the morning!

  6. Is it just me, or does ghost hunting in disneyland enhance your trips excitement level? I know for sure it does for my trip. I just love a little bit of eerie sprinkled on my fun! XD

  7. The boy is peeking out the side of a ride vehicle in front of yours. It’s clearly obvious he is about 2 “doom buggies” in front of you.

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