Haunted Disney: True Ghost Stories from the Happiest Place on Earth

Could the “happiest place on Earth” also be one of the most haunted? Check out the tales below –mined from two major Disney forums–and decide for yourself.

Haunted Mansion Ghost Boy
“I took my 100 ft. nightshot accessory to Walt Disney World (WDW) with the specific purpose of taking ride photos of the Haunted Mansion for a WDW Virtual Visit. After documenting the ride, I put the camera away for the rest of the day. I went back to our place that evening and began to download the photos to my laptop. Lo and behold, one of the first shots of the attraction shows something that definitely WAS NOT there when I was on the ride. This photo was taken in the first hallway of the attraction, the one with the eye-following portraits.

As you’ll see in the photo, it appears as though a child is peeking his head out of the doombuggy and looking directly at me. Not only was he not there when I took the pic, there wasn’t a child of this age within 20 people in front of me in line, and as you can see, he’s only a few doombuggies in front of me. Not only that, what’s he doing looking at me? There is NO flash and NO visible light coming from me. It’s all infrared and invisible to the naked eye.

I think it’s an incredibly spooky photo, and I have no idea where that kid came from.”

disney world haunted mansion ghost boy


Real Ghosts in Disney’s Haunted Mansion
“Rumor has it that years ago, a woman approached Disney saying that one of her sons had been killed and that he had absolutely loved the Haunted Mansion. She wanted to spread his ashes in the Mansion, but Disneyland of course said NO. So, the woman got on the ride and at some point dumped the ashes out anyway. Whether this part is true or not, I can only guess. But that’s the story (Note: CNN reports that the family of a 7-year-old boy did indeed dump his ashes in Disney Land’s Haunted Mansion ride).

Weird stuff started happening after that. Once, as guests were getting off the ride, they reported to the cast member (CM) at unload that there was a little kid running around the ballroom scene. So, the CM sends security in to look, but they don’t find anything. Similarly, guests have reported seeing a little boy standing alone at the exit and crying. Some have said that when they asked him if he needed help, he acted like they weren’t there. Some have even said he disappeared. Of course, by the time they tell a CM about the boy and the CM goes to check it out he’s long gone.

Death in the Tragic Kingdom

It gets even creepier. This part of the story I have confirmed with a friend who worked at the Mansion. I mentioned these haunting stories and he freaked out, saying this had actually happened to him. He was glad to hear he wasn’t going insane. Late at night, cast members will often only run one stretch room because it gets so quiet. That means that between groups of guests the CM at load is all alone, just waiting for people. Well, one CM was waiting for the next group of guests when she thought she heard a child laughing. She figured the next group had arrived, and kids were coming , but no one ever showed up. Then, she saw something move out of the corner of her eye. She turned to look, but didn’t see anyone, so she put it off as her imagination. However, she saw it again and again and again, but no one was ever there. Well, about this time she starts feeling a cold chill and is getting kinda freaked out. All of a sudden, she feels someone put their hand on her shoulder. Of course, no one is there. She screamed and ran out and told management she would never go back to work in the Mansion again.”


The Disappearing Disney Worker
“One Friday afternoon, my family and I were visiting the Haunted Mansion. We were waiting in line to get in the Doom Buggies. There were three cast members working the loading. There was a female behind the controls, a male cast member at the ride entrance, and a male walking on the moving walkway. I had a side view of the walking cast member. He was a young man with light brown or dark blonde hair. He was looking at a small piece of paper—a little bit bigger than a business card. They had stopped loading the ride for a few seconds because a couple of the Doom Buggies were occupied with visitors. During that interim, the walking cast member all of a sudden reached down, as if to pick up something, and never came back up. When I walked though the entrance, I looked down the side of the ride and did not see the cast member. When my husband and I were loaded in the Doom Buggy, I asked him what he thought the cast member was picking up. He said, “no one was picking up anything.” Then I went through my story and he told me there wasn’t another male loading guests. Then, I asked me daughter and her friend and she said that there was only the female cast member and the male cast member. Did I see a ghost?”


The Man with No Eyes
“I was at Disney with my aunt,  my second-last trip, when something a little odd happened on the Dinosaur ride in the Animal Kingdom. I got on, I was in the second seat in from the left, and an old man sat next to me. Pretty nondescript old guy–nothing fancy about his clothes, had gray hair and a short beard, and was wearing a ball cap, which he didn’t take off. What was weird from the get go is throughout the whole ride he did NOT react to anything. Dinosaur is a pretty shaky, loud ride, and usually, y’know, there’s laughing and shouting and reactions to stuff. This guy hung on, but kept the same bland look on his face the entire time. He didn’t react, smile, or anything. Okay, maybe just a weird old man.

When we got off the ride, I went to check the ride photos they snap of you partway through, and when ours came up it looked like the old man had no eyes. He did NOT have sunglasses on during the ride, or even normal glasses, and there was NOTHING wrong with his eyes when he got on, but in that photo there was nothing but black all around where his eyes should’ve been. Also, he was looking straight ahead in the photo–not at the dinosaur/camera–and again, bland expression. My aunt saw the photo too, and agreed it was way weird and way spooky.”


The Creepy Cowboys
“It was just past dusk. We were coming around the corner of the Golden Horseshoe, going towards the Shooting Gallery. The park was very empty. I swear, for just a split second, I saw a cowboy in a white cowboy get up. He was wearing ants, a western shirt, boots, and a hat. He had long gray hair and a white handle bar mustache. He looked right at me. Startled, I looked at my fiance and back towards the cowboy, but he was gone.

We walked around that spot again later that night and I saw a cowboy upstairs on the balcony get up. He was younger with short brown and was holding a pistol. It was freaky!!”


76 thoughts on “Haunted Disney: True Ghost Stories from the Happiest Place on Earth

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  2. Super fake! Whe she is talking about her friend that worked there, she referred to the friend that worked there she said “He” and the a few sentences later she said “she”. So was her friedn a she or he???

    • So making a spelling mistake is a proof it’s fake! I myself heard multiple people dump their (family’s) ashes in the mansion! May be an exaggerated version of the story though!

    • Well, actually, the author said that the friend was a male. Then, they said that the friend had a friend that was a she. “I mentioned these haunting stories and he freaked out, saying this had actually happend to him. He was glad to hear he wasn’t going insane. Late at night, cast members will often run one stretch room becuse it gets so quiet. That means that between groups of guests the CM at load is all alone, just waiting for people. Well, ONE CM was waiting for the next group of guests when she thought she heard a child laughing.” (Look at the part where it is all capital) it says one CM not the male friend. They are now talking about a different person that the author’s friend worked with. Not the same friend.

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  5. Holy crap! That is not fake at all i heard crying when i was first entering the haunted mansion and NO ONE was in sight because it was 1 in the morning!

  6. Is it just me, or does ghost hunting in disneyland enhance your trips excitement level? I know for sure it does for my trip. I just love a little bit of eerie sprinkled on my fun! XD

  7. The boy is peeking out the side of a ride vehicle in front of yours. It’s clearly obvious he is about 2 “doom buggies” in front of you.

  8. So you’re gonna act all high and mighty when you spell “believe” wrong? Nice touch!

  9. actually I’ll be honest with you. I do believe you because I seen Spirit before. Especially weird stuff at DisneyLand. Yes I did see it in the video. Just know I believe you cause I see Spirits too.

  10. Oh gosh im never riding the haunted masion unless have bat and my mommy!!!!!:-P;-)

  11. the nightvision pictures is just a boy looking back out off his buggy. nightvision gives that effect when the light (even if it is just a glance) falls in the right angle. the picture next to the man with no eyes, come on. if you enhance that pictures and clean it up a bit you can see that it is just glaces that he is wearing, just like the woman next to him. the video at the end has been checked out by people who know about security cameras and the screens that come with the system and they confirmed that the system was an old system that still used the same tapes over and over again. and that is why you can see ghostlike figures, they are just “leftovers” from previous recordings. as far as the crying child goes, that’s something else. either you believe or don’t believe, but you have trust people to be honest about it or not, whatever you choose. hearing a cry could be a recording, don’t forget, you’re on a haunted ride, why shouldn’t the disney people put in something extra to get people scared, right? sorry for the bad english (saw that people are difficult about that on here, but i’m dutch and not used to typing english 😉 )

  12. Though I’m not a Disneyland employee I do work for its east coast sister Walt Disney World and I hear these stories all the time. While yes, it is true, people have attempted numerous times to dump the ashes of a loved one in the Haunted Mansion, the picture is not photographic evidence of a child haunting the ride. The accompanying photograph is actually a still from a very well done short film called “Missing in the Mansion – A Disneyland proposal gone wrong.” You can look it up on Youtube. I hope I cleared things up!

  13. I have read rumers that walts ghost hunts his old aprtment (above the firehouse) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    disneyland fan from st.louis mo

  14. I am a former Cast Member and current, life-long Disney nerd. The story that claims people’s ashes are scattered in attractions that were the deceased’s favorites is true. This in itself is poignant—the truly sad part of these occurrences is the loved ones’ ashes ultimately wind up in a used vacuum cleaner bag, to be discarded when it becomes full. That’s the real tragedy.

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  17. I used to be an overnight security guard at Disney World. One time, I noticed that the Peter Pan ride was still running at 3:00 AM. When I went in to check it out, nobody was there. I couldn’t shut down the ride, and after trying a few times, I saw the ghost of a young boy in one of the ships, staring straight at me. Suddenly, the lights went out and the ride stopped. When the lights came back on, the kid had vanished.

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  20. Should have believed your teacher when she told you that spelling and grammar is important.

  21. Hey… I’m the one who originally posted that story about the “man with no eyes”. That photo they included is NOT from our ride. I think hey just grabbed a random photo the show what the onride looked like? This was before the photo pass stuff that allowed you to save your on ride photos digitally–back then you still had to shell out $30 for a print copy. My aunt and I kinda kicked ourselves for not actually keeping that one.
    The man was looking right ahead but you could see his face clearly–all around his eyes was black, not dark but black. And neither me or my aunt saw him leaving the ride with us.

    I still creeps me out a little.

  22. Just watched the the vid with ghost….. when it walks along the path where the river is…. it has a shadow in the water…. Im no expert but doesnt there have to be a soild mass to make a shadow……

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  26. I love all these stories XD The one thing I do find rather annoying though is that a lot of the stories are told to be at Disneyworld and then identical stories are told in Paris so its really hard to see the validity. Personally iv never noticed anything paranormal at Disneyland Paris (and im an avid paranormal lover so I do look out for it!) but hey, I’m back there in 18 days so I cant wait to see if I can get anything!!!!! Equipment’s at the ready!!!!! And hey, even if it is all fake you gotta love a good ghost story 😀


  28. We believe what we want to believe. But for the OP to say that “there was no child of that age” in the groups ahead of him/her is just foolish; people don’t pay that close attention when getting ready to board an amusement park ride. While we may wish to believe, I’m not able to.

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