Spot a Spirit: 6 Live Ghost Cams

haunted tudor manor

Longing to hunt for ghosts, but can’t make it to a haunted location? Check out the six live ghost cams listed below. Each of the sites welcomes help from online viewers.

The Willard Library Ghost Cam
The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is reportedly haunted by a spirit known as the Grey Lady. The identity of the ghost is unclear, but many people believe the Grey Lady is the daughter of Willard Carpenter, the man whose fortune funded the construction of the library. Can you spot the Grey Lady on camera?

willard library ghost

Victorian House Ghost Cam
The cameras in this one hundred-year-old Victorian home have captured orbs, strange lights, and disembodied voices. Check out live footage here.

haunted house cam

The Knickerbocker Hotel
The Knickerbocker Hotel, in Linesville, PA, has a long history of ghost and ghouls. The property was even featured on A&E’s Paranormal State. Check out the ghost cam here.

The Doll House Cam
Creeped out by dolls? You might want to avoid the doll house cam. Based in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse, the cam shows a group of dolls that reportedly move by themselves. The folks who run the camera even offer a haunted doll adoption service!

haunted dolls

Ordsall Ghost Cam
A ghost known as the White Lady reportedly haunts the 820-year-old Ordsall Hall. No one knows the identity of the spirit, but some believe she is Queen Elizabeth I’s favorite maid of honor, Margaret Radclyffe. Search for spooks here.

Abandoned Hospital Ghost Cam
The cameras at an abandoned hospital somewhere in Oklahoma are part of a long-term project to capture evidence of a haunting.

haunted hospital

Know of any other live ghost cams? Let me know in the comments below!

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