Reader Submissions: 4 True Ghost Stories to Keep You Up at Night

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Here are four more true ghost stories submitted from Ghost And Ghouls’ readers. We’ve got a haunted water tower, a haunted duplex, and two spirits that wander quiet homes in the dead of night.

 The Haunted Apartment

“I once lived in an apartment that I am sure was haunted. I lived on an end apartment in a row of duplexes. It was actually my next door neighbor, a senior citizen, who came and told me she thought there was a ghost there. The ghost made noises that were completely unexplainable, that were so loud she could hear them too. It got so bad she had her son come and stay with her. (He was an ex-con, 6’2″, big, tough, and scary himself).

One morning, after a very bad night with the noises, he came over to actually check if I was okay. He was literally as white as a sheet and scared badly. He said he couldn’t take it anymore and his mother was too scared. They moved within a month.

I stayed and it got so bad I actually put my toddler son in the room with me at night. He would keep saying he saw someone coming out of the closet. Every time I would go in his room, I swear I would always see something black, out of the corner of my eye around his closet.

I felt it was beginning to affect us both, physically and mentally. Every time you would walk into the apartment it felt as if something was very wrong. We finally moved. I have since noticed that no one lives in that apartment for very long. I never really believed in ghosts until I lived there.”

 creepy girl faceThe Lonely Child

“My mom told me that when her family moved into her childhood home she would hear children’s voices at night, as she lay in bed. At first, she thought she was dreaming or that children were playing outside. She looked out her window, but it was in the middle of the night and she didn’t see any one outside. One night she left her closet door open and it slammed shut. She became afraid and would run to her parents’ bed, but they didn’t believe her. This went on for years.

A few years later, my mom asked a neighbor who had lived in the house before. The neighbor said another family lived there but moved after their young daughter died of an illness in the house. My mom thinks the spirit of the little girl who died made all those noises.”

The Glowing Woman

“When I was 5 years old, my brother (8) and I shared a bedroom across the house from my parents’. One night, a light woke me up. I sat up, looked down the hall, and saw what I thought was my mom walking down the hall towards my room carrying an oil lamp and wearing a white nightgown. Her whole body was glowing yellow. She got halfway down the hall, turned to the bathroom, looked back, and smiled at me. I went back to sleep. The next morning I didn’t say anything to anyone. At the breakfast table, my brother asked my mom “why were you walking around last night with a lamp?” He had woken up after me and saw her too. My mom had no idea what we were talking about.”

The Haunted Water Tower

After the Great Chicago fire, the old water tower was thought to be haunted by the ghost of a fireman. He was a brave and courageous soul who said he would stay behind to man the water pumps. The fireman encouraged everyone else to flee. By the time he thought to escape himself, flames had already surrounded the entire tower. Rather than burn to death, he hung himself from the top of the water tower. It’s a shame though, because the tower actually survived the fire. If he had just stayed put he would have been safe!

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5 thoughts on “Reader Submissions: 4 True Ghost Stories to Keep You Up at Night

  1. It’s refreshing to here believable stories, not outlandish happenings and hard to wrap your head around events, My blog reflects my husband and I’s experiences since last september 2011 when we bought a gutted forclosure other than some odd pictures the stories are somewhat benign. I believe now definitively in the paranormal, this is my chronological account of our weird and unusual happenings……….. good job

  2. I love a good true ghost story
    Most stories you read online are just made
    Up for publicity

  3. Most of these stories are full of BS. A con frightened of noise – what noise, never said. A professional fireman who hung himself … when, 5 seconds after been surrounded. Most professionals would know a threat and when not to throw themselves over the railing.

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