Real Ghost Stories from the Military

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Here are a few creepy tales I found on military forums. Enjoy!

Something in the Walls

“When I was stationed at MacDill AFB we lived in base housing and while I was TDY (temporary duty) my wife use to say she would here clanging at night. She said it was as if something was trying to escape the walls. After we moved, I found out that an Airman back in the 1950’s had killed his daughter and hid her body in the attic. He lived in the same unit we did. I never told my wife this because she would surely freak out!”

A Hostile Light

“This happened at Malmstrom AFB in Montana. Sometime in November, one coworker said he was checking a site (I can’t remember which one) when he spotted a single bright light moving around a farmer’s field outside the restricted area. It started to move towards the site, and he assumed it was hunters with a spotlight. He got on the loudspeaker of his vehicle and gave a warning not to approach the site. Immediately, the light went 0 to 60 directly at their vehicle. The vehicle abruptly turned off, the engine, radio and headlights dying.

blurred lightsHe managed to scream into his handheld radio ‘they are going to ram us!’ as his alpha departed the vehicle in a hurry. He threw himself flat across the seat for impact, which never happened because the light appeared to stop on a dime, just short of striking their vehicle. When he sat up, the light was retreating away from them, and quickly moved away till it vanished over a hill. The vehicle suddenly came back to life, engine restarting on its own. How he didn’t soil his shorts, I have no idea.”

The Girl

“If you want military ghost stories just ask any military police that’s been around a while. We tend to see really weird crap late at night. Especially around places were there has been a lot of warfare and death. Like in Germany and in old hospitals. In Babenhausen, around the elementary school, there was always this particular area around the rear that would creep me the hell out when I would walk around doing security checks at night. It always seemed as though I was being watched.

In 99 I found a side door to the school open. I radioed for another unit and backed up several feet to a corner to observe the door. It took 20-30 minutes for my backup to arrive. I had a wall to my back and could see down the side of the building to the corner, about 70 or more feet. I was staring straight ahead and saw a figure appear at the far corner. It didn’t come around the corner or anything. It just appeared. It was a young female, 9-12 years old, wearing a red jacket or cloak of an old style. Maybe 20’s thru 50’s style. It must have been about 0200 or so. I started forward and told the figure that it was late and she needed to go home. And she just vanished. I sprinted forward to the corner to see if she had run around the edge. The area was open and I got there less than ten seconds after she disappeared and she was nowhere to be seen. I shined my Surefire around the building and didn’t locate her.

I went back to my position, and when my backup got there they cleared the building. They said they had heard noise in the gym like someone bouncing a basketball but no one was inside. They did find a basketball in the gym though. I told them what I had seen, and my team leader just laughed and said a lot of stuff goes on there at night.”

Ghosts of the Crow Creek Massacre

crow creek massacre 1325“F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, WY is extremely haunted. Not only is there the ghosts of soldiers who once served here, but there is also Crow Creek running through the base, right where the Crow Creek Massacre occurred.

My fiance was walking around at midnight one night, down a dirt road running alongside the creek, when he heard the screams of women and children. He described it as sounding faint, but like it was coming from right next to him. Buildings that are under construction, including a building said to be contaminated with polio, has been the site of many instances of believed paranormal activity. Strange noises have been heard and there have been possible sightings of a figure in the window. Women’s desperate screams have been heard at the FamCamp, but when Security Forces investigated the screams would shift and seem to come from a different location. The base was established in 1867, so it is very old and has been the site of many occurrences of solider apparitions dressed in full Calvary uniform from their time. There are many more stories that come from this base, and I would love to see it get investigate and see some solid proof.”

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    • ok. at nights do you ever see a ghost dog and if you do see a ghost dog all you have to do is just feed the ghost dog and leave it just that. from Wendy Sells

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  3. A lot of military bases that we were stationed at in Hanau were haunted. Frenchies on Francois Kaserne had a ghost that haunted it. I always laugh cause if he really was haunting the club he is now haunting a german child care center.

  4. I’ve been a security officer for 30 years some of the weird stuff I have seen too much too count

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