Reader Submission: The Woman in the Rain

rain on glass at night

“I had been visiting my parents one weekend, home from college, and I needed to head back to school late that Sunday evening in order to make it back for classes the next day. Rain had been coming down steadily all day and had increased as the evening wore on.

I had just driven to the end of our road, stopped at the stop sign, and had begun to check for traffic at the intersection. I looked to the left of me and no one was coming. I then turned my head to look right and that’s when I saw her.

I can still see her standing there. To the right of the stop sign was a woman, an old African American woman. She was dressed in the clothes of a farm worker, drab in color, and very worn. She wore either a skirt or dress and had a shawl wrapped over her head and covering her shoulders.

The very eerie thing about it that is was around 10:00 o’clock at night, in a fairly heavy rain, and she wasn’t just standing there, she reached for my car door. She didn’t make a sound, but I could feel my heart beat quicken and I knew the scene was unnatural and perhaps from long ago. She was clearly a woman in need of help.

I quickly turned left onto the road that would lead me away from her and on my way back to college. Over 20 years have passed, and I have never forgotten her. I have told several people and others have seen her, always on a late, rainy evening.”

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