Reader Submission: The Girl in the Bathtub

sad girl in bathtub

“My brother is a musician. His band played one venue out of town and part of the deal was a free stay in the apartment that was above the club. The show went well, and after it was all over everyone retired upstairs for the evening. Before going to bed, the owners of the club told them that they have a problem with their cats always trying to urinate and defecate in the bathtub. To fix this problem, they ran a little water in the tub and kept it standing at all times to discourage any cats from jumping in. They only asked that no one released the drain in the tub. My brother and his band mates thought this was strange behavior for cats, but they all agreed not to drain the tub and went to bed.

In the middle of the night my brother got up to use the bathroom. When he walked into the bathroom, he saw that water was filled to the brim of the bathtub and the toilet. The water was also swirling in both the tub and the toilet for no apparent reason. Feeling thoroughly creeped out, he used the bathroom and got out of there as quickly as he could.

The next morning, while everyone was sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast, my brother related what happened in the bathroom. After he finished his story, his drummer spoke up and mentioned a dream he had had. In the dream, he walked into the same bathroom in the house and saw a girl sitting in the bathtub. The owner of the house asked him to describe the girl. The drummer did, and when he was finished the owner confessed that she looked like a girl who used to live in the apartment. Years before, the girl committed suicide in the bathtub.”

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