The Legend of Emily’s Bridge

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Located in Stowe, Vermont, Gold Brook Bridge, aka Emily’s Bridge, is nearly 170 years old. The wooden structure has witnessed a lot of history throughout the years, including the tragic death of a jilted young woman said to haunt the bridge to this day.

The legend of Emily’s Bridge is similar to legends surrounding other haunted properties – a beautiful young woman is abandoned at the altar and her grief proves too much to bear. Devastated by the betrayal, the jilted bride either takes her own life or dies in a tragic accident. In the case of Emily’s Bridge, both endings have found their way into local lore.

According to one tale, a young woman named Emily donned a red dress on her wedding day and waited for her betrothed to arrive at the church. The groom never showed, and in a fit of grief, Emily fled with the family wagon. Furious and heartbroken, the distracted young woman missed a crucial turn and crashed into the brook, killing herself and the horses drawing her carriage. Another version of the tale says Emily planned to meet her fiancé at the bridge, but the young man never showed. Devastated, Emily fetched a length of rope and hanged herself from the rafters.

Though there’s no evidence of Emily’s existence, many Stowe residents are certain Gold Brook Bridge is haunted. Reports tell of scratch marks appearing on parked vehicles and of mysterious bangs echoing throughout the bridge. Visitors who explore the structure on foot, hear screams, laughter, footsteps, and creaking rope. Some people have even spotted a white apparition floating near the bridge’s entrance. In fact, the legend of Emily’s Bridge is so well known that a local car dealership created an ad based on the terrifying tale.

Is Emily’s Bridge truly haunted? It depends on who you ask. Some say without a doubt, others scoff at the idea of a spurned spirit lurking around an old bridge. What do you think?

Is your city or town also home to a haunted bridge? Share your story here!

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  2. She does I went and got a scratch mark that I did not have before and got cold spots I’m going again next week maybe at night

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  4. my friend and I read about this in a book today and we are trying to get to the bottom of her death, if you have any info please let me know.

    • Honestly, I don’t think “Emily” ever existed. I think it’s just a local legend. There are many stories like it throughout the U.S.

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