8 comments on “Real EMTs Share True Ghost Stories

  1. Reading the first one instantly woke me up. After reading the other stories, I suddenly became paranoid with all the noises that I hear outside my room.

  2. This us unsubstantiated hearsay.
    It makes a nice story but I’ve heard better stories in Boy Scout campfire ghost stories.

  3. Now this was probably the best ghost, spooky stories I have read in a long time. When you have someone so involved in the stories, especially ambulance or police etc then it brings it home to you more that actually these things do really happen and are not just silly stories or films. Fantastic read, thanks. voted and shared!

  4. As a Paramedic for many years I have had odd things occur and it is difficult at time to deal with all the skeletons in ones closet in regards to a career in the field. All I can say is one must believe in God to do this and stay sane. 12 years air and ground and god bless each and everyone in this field. Please take care of yourselves.

  5. Does it help you any leading your living life to get comments from those not living in human bodies?

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