Back to School Ghouls: Asheville High School Ghost Video

haunted asheville high school

In the “spirit” of back-to-school season, here’s a true tale of a haunted school in Asheville, North Carolina.

In 2008, a motion-activated camera caught a shadowy figure walking the halls of Asheville High School (video below). The shadow changes form and at one point resembles that of a child, but was it a ghost?

“I have watched the video and I can’t debunk it,” said Sarah Harrison of the Asheville Paranormal Society. “The fact that it set off the motion detectors means something physical was there. I have seen many video surveillance footage of alleged ghosts and this is the only one that I can’t debunk.”

Though school officials were hesitant to label the shadow a ghost, they were clearly stumped by the nocturnal specter.

“The term ghost has been thrown around, but that’s not really what we think it is, but it’s not explainable,” said Charlie Glazener, Executive Director of Public Relations for the Asheville School District.

So what was it? Check out the video and decide for yourself.

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