The Haunted Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas (Videos)

The Place: The Hotel Adolphus in Dallas, TX

The History: Named after Adolphus Busch, founder of the Anheuser-Busch company, the Hotel Adolphus opened its doors in 1912. This Baroque-style luxury hotel has sheltered more than a few notable guests, including Warren G. Harding, George H. W. Bush, Elizabeth II, and Prince Philip. However, it seems not all of the hotel’s guests have checked out.

The Haunting: The most famous spirit at the Hotel Adolphus is the lady in white, a ghost thought to belong to a young woman left at the altar during the Depression era. Legend has it the jilted bride was so upset by her fiancé’s change of heart that she hanged herself in the hotel’s grand ballroom on the 19th floor. Now, the bride-that-never-was roams the halls of the Adolphus, sobbing piteously and trailing after hotel guests.

However, the lady in white isn’t the only ghost roaming the 90-year-old hotel. Guests regularly phone the front desk to report heavy footsteps in the hall or muffled conversations in empty rooms. When security goes to investigate, however, no one is ever around. Big band music also blares on the 19th floor, though the hotel has long since sealed off its grand old ballroom.

Adolphus employees have also reported strange activity within the hotel. Maids, for instance, feel a tap on the shoulder when no one’s around. Bartenders complain of glasses that move in the middle of the night. One one occasion, a window burst open without warning, enveloping workers in an icy chill. Many staff members, particularly those on the graveyard shift, feel as if an unseen entity watches their every move.

Evidence?: Several videos on YouTube show elevator doors on the 19th floor opening and closing for no apparent reason. The courtesy phone in the hall also rings, though no one is ever on the line when a bewildered guest picks up. Is it the lady in white, another spirit at the Adolphus Hotel, or something more down to earth? Take a look and decide for yourself.

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  2. oooh..skeery…push the summon buttons off camera and a guy with 4 beers in the lobby calling the floor you are filming..reminds me of 2nd city tv and the late night horror tv guy…ooo.skeerry..

  3. The Adolphus Hotel was considered one of three or four possible JFK assassination sites other than Love Field, Dealey Plaza and the Trade Mart. A lavish example of baroque architecture, the classically refined hotel stood across the street from Ruby’s seedy Carousel Club.

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  6. That could have been a problem with the elevators. You can’t really call that paranormal. You don’t have any proof.

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