Haunting Headlines: Ghosts and Ghouls in the News

Ma Barker’s Reportedly Haunted House for Sale
Toronto Sun
August 22, 2012

Ocklawaha, Florida – “Located on Lake Weir, the home where Kate ‘Ma’ Barker was shot dead by the FBI in 1935 remains almost in exactly the same condition it did then.” The historic home is also reportedly haunted by the ghost of the notorious gangster.

On the Search for Spirits: Paranormal Group Conducts Investigation at Culver Hospital
Journal Review Online
August 24, 2012

Crawfordsville, Indiana – “On Wednesday, a group of investigators from the Lafayette-based Wabash Paranormal Research Society came to the hospital to see if they could coax any other-worldy beings out of hiding.”

Ghosts at Old Crawfordsville Hospital?
August 24, 2012

Crawsfordsville, Indiana – “Night falls on the former Culver Union Hospital on Binford Street, just a few blocks from downtown Crawfordsville.  With the equipment out, the work of the Wabash Paranormal Research Society is just beginning.”

Rensselaer Russell House to be Site of Paranormal Investigation
WCF Courier
August 25, 2012

Waterloo, Iowa – “The home will be featured on Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story,” this fall. The story will feature experiences and evidence from a Grout Museum District employee, Katie Hass, and 319 Paranormal founder Mark Lehman.”

Paranormal Society Seeks to Disprove Ghosts
Lake Norman News
August 27, 2012

Charlotte, North Carolina – “A lot of teams use psychics and that sort of mythology,” said Porter. “We stick with science. We debunk first. Where a lot of people are going to prove there’s a ghost there, we are trying to prove there is not a ghost there.”

Bumps in the Night: Nighttime Investigations Probe Paranormal
Shreveport Times
August 27, 2012

Marshall, Texas – “We traveled with Cowan and other enthusiasts to four historic locations in the area attempting to connect with spirits from eras past, talking to investigators and locals that committed to the seven hour hunt. These were our findings.”