Creepy Photo of the Day: Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost

ghost in colonial park

This photo from Tara Tours reportedly shows a full-body apparition in Savannah’s Colonial Park Cemetery. Is it a real ghost?

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6 thoughts on “Creepy Photo of the Day: Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost

  1. the picture is next to a fence, shot from a downward angle.. the fence appears to be 4 feet tall, MAX.. is it an apparition of a 3 ft. person?

  2. This picture was taken on my ghost tour in Savannah, Ga. On Oct. 17, 2008. It was taken at 5:20 pm. We were standing by a family plot of “Table Tomb Coffins”. The fence surrounding these 7 coffins was about 3 1/2 ft high. Back in these days (1830’s) people were shrouded in cloth and stacked in the tombs. No embalming back then. A child took this photo, because they loved the story that went with graves. No one visibly saw anything when the picture was taken. The camera actually shopped working when the photo was taken. This apparition showed up 2 days later, when the mom was able to get the camera working. This was the last picture stored in the camera. There is a young girl by the name of Sarah Watson who was 6 that’s buried there.

  3. My tour company is a Tara Haunted Tours. The picture is also on my website and Facebook page. I also have a full video captured in the Cemetery too. It was taken 2 months after the picture above wad taken on my ghost your.

  4. ghosts are real in old ghost town cemeterys i have heard babies that are dead scream and had ghosts put a hand on my shoulder and i could feel it and i screamed really loud and ran to my dad

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