Reader Submission: The Boy Who Wanted Hair

demon child

“This is a true story.

I was asleep one night and when I awoke, I saw what I thought was my younger brother coming across the hallway into my room. He complained of not feeling well, I was very tired and told him to go down to have our mother give him something. He said, rather upset, “you’re not even listening to me.” For what ever reason I got up and walked the few steps to my dresser, oddly the pair of red handled shears kept downstairs were there. I promptly cut off my hair and gave it to him. That made him happy, and he went back to bed.

I got up in the morning, looked in my dresser mirror, and saw the hair gone from the front center of my part. The shears were not there. I ran to my brother, who thought I was insane. “Why would I want your hair if I were sick?” he asked. I thought my mother would have a fit when she saw me, I had very long hair, the piece I clipped out was obviously gone. She never said anything to me, it was so strange. We never found my hair.

I’d moved out a few years later and came to visit. I was surprised to see my younger sister had strands of gray in her hair, she was only 12! I asked her when they started to grow out. She said they started the morning after she had a dream a boy had come into her room and said he was sick. I was stunned. She had got up the same way I had and saw shears. But she had told him, the shears shouldn’t be there. He’d been gone when she turned around.

The next day our mother saw her hair and said to her, “You should of cut it off, now it will be gray your entire life.” Apparently, this had been happening to all females in her family since her great grandfather bought the house. But no one ever came to harm for it. My sister dyed her gray strands or yanked them out, until she started coloring all her hair. We were the last generation raised there. I wonder sometimes why the that little boy would of wanted our hair.”

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One thought on “Reader Submission: The Boy Who Wanted Hair

  1. I don’t see the fakers – Jose and what not – commenting. Probably because they have no idea what this is about, it is after all not a common ghost story like all the others easily researched and commented on by “experts”.

    There’s a reason why your sister’s hair was going grey that spirit was drawing away her life energy. Hair is the focus of the spirit – the “highest” part of the body and also takes quite a bit of energy to grow. That is why monks shave their heads when they start – to force the energy / spirit / aura to the head and focus.

    You gave him his “food” freely, so he did not bother you. Your sister denied him his “food” so he was taking from her. Be interesting to know how healthy your sister is – this is an old spirit after all and if she still lived on that property she might not have lived to see the ripe old age when people go gray normally.

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