Reader Submission: The Man in the Dunes

“This happened at night. Three of my friends and I were smoking on the beach, looking towards the dunes. There was a heat lightning storm that was going crazy right over Tybee. While we were sitting on the beach, we all noticed a shadow shaped like a man in the dunes.

We sat smoking and discussing whether it was a man or a tree. After several minutes of observing, we came to the conclusion that it was a tree or bush shaped like a man because there was absolutely no movement over a period of 15-20 minutes.

So we decided to go look for ourselves. On the approach, all the classic ghost story bullshit happened….. change of temp, hairs on the back of the neck and arms standing up, mood change as well. We all went from curious to terrified before we even got close.

Once we were within about 15 to 20 feet of the thing, squinting to see, a giant bolt of heat lightning struck and lit up the night sky like it was daytime. All of the power went out on Tybee. For that split second of light we all saw him, a fully transparent man in homemade clothing. We could see the features on his face and everything. He stood there not looking at us, not moving at all. He had a blank face like a little kid watching cartoons. We were all so scared. We all screamed and ran. We didn’t even look back.

I’ve talked with different ghost hunters since then and they pointed out key elements in the experience such as the heat lightning. They say that whatever these things are can get their power from electricity in the atmosphere.

Anyway, that’s my true ghost story. What do you think?”

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