Reader Submission: A Plea for Help

“I knew as soon as I moved into the house I wasn’t alone. After awhile, I figured it was a child because my Mickey Mouse things would disappear for awhile then reappear in silly places ( like the kitchen counter ) and things would get moved, such as clothes, books, jewelry, etc. I knew the animals felt something there just by the way they acted. Most of the activity took place in the basement and the bedroom. I had an old kitchen table in the basement by the laundry area, it was there when I moved in, and I used it for folding and sorting clothes.

I went down to the basement one night to put clothes in the washer. When I set the basket on the table I saw a green card (immigration document) sitting there. The name listed on the card Helena. There were no teeth marks on it so I knew none of the cats had found it.  I put the clothes in the washer, went back upstairs, and said to my husband at the time, ‘Where’d you find this green card?’ His reply was, ‘What green card?” I showed it to him and he said he had never seen it before. The hunt was on!

I had my mom and friends help me investigate the house and the previous owners. We looked at deeds, wills, old phone books, you name it, just to come up with names. I kept arriving at dead ends. The card was run through a Social Security computer…no results found. I finally went to INS and told the lady, ‘You can either believe me or think I’m crazy, but this is what’s going on,’ and I told her all about it. I told her I knew she couldn’t tell me much about the little girl but could she at least tell me if she was alive or dead. She looked in her computer and said, ‘Well this is weird…’ I just laughed because I had heard that many times before. She told me the records went back 50 years but there was no record of Helena there. I am CERTAIN Helena was a war orphan who was murdered by whoever adopted her, and in that house. I still have all the information about Helena, and when I moved I told her I would never forget her and would keep on trying to give her some peace! Writing this story reminds me of how sad I still feel that I wasn’t able to help her as much as I wanted, but I will never give up on my search for her killer!”

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