Eerie Eateries: 100 Haunted Restaurants in the United States (Illinois – Missouri)

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Here’s the second installment of a four-part series featuring 100 haunted restaurants from across the United States (first part here). Have you visited any of the places on the list?


The Country House
A young woman reportedly haunts The Country House Restaurant in Clarendon Hills. Legend has the woman committed suicide sometime in the 1950s and now makes her presence known by opening shutters, moving around pots and pans, and playing music on the jukebox in the middle of the night. People have also spotted the young woman beckoning customers from an upstairs window.

241 55th Street
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

haunted country house restaurant

One Eleven Main
Galena’s One Eleven Main, once the site of a mortuary and casket-making company, now has a haunting reputation. The executive chef photographed what he believes are three ghosts playing outside the historic restaurant (photo here), and another employee found the name “John” written in sawdust.

111 North Main Street
Galena, Illinois 61036

haunted one eleven main


Slippery Noodle Inn
The Slippery Noodle Inn is the oldest bar in Indiana and once served as a bordello and Underground Railroad site. Is it any wonder that ghosts reportedly haunt the historic building? Paranormal occurrences include unexplained cold spots, whispered voices in the basement, shadowy apparitions, and touches from an unseen entity.

372 South Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225

Haunted Slippery Noodle Inn

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
The Hacienda Restaurant was once a private mansion and legend has it the former owner had an affair with a maid. When the woman became pregnant, he threw her out and hanged himself in the attic. Now, restaurant staff and guests hear strange noises and water facets turn on and off by themselves. The spurned maid also appears in the bathroom mirror.

5836 Grape Road
Mishawaka, IN 46545

haunted hacienda restaurant


Carlos O’Kelly’s
Folks at Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café in Marion have experienced a number of strange events. Phones ring over and over, though no one is ever on the line, plates fly off shelves, and blenders turn on and off by themselves.

3320 Armar Drive
Marion, IA 52302

haunted carlos o'kelly's

Olive Branch Family Restaurant
Patrons of the Olive Branch Restaurant, formerly Hotel Greenfield’s Old Hotel Restaurant & Lounge, have had trouble with a malevolent spirit in the women’s restroom. The lights have been known to shut off after a woman enters a stall, and one lady claims a long-haired ghoul ordered her to leave and then disappeared.

108 East Iowa Street
Greenfield, IA 50849

haunted olive branch restaurant


Doc’s Steak House
Strange shadows and the smell of cigarette smoke when no one is around have contributed to Doc’s haunted reputation. Current owner Brian Scott believes his grandfather, original Doc’s founder Louis Scott, is behind the eerie events.

1515 North Broadway Street
Wichita, KS 67214

haunted docs steak house

Field of Greens
One woman saw a trash can lid lift up and fall to the floor at Topeka’s haunted Field of Greens. Staff members have also spotted shifting shadows by the stairs and silverware moving by itself.

909 S Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66612

haunted field of greens


The English Grill, The Brown Hotel
The legendary Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky is home to unparalleled service, fine dining, and the ghost of former proprietor J. Graham Brown. Mr. Brown died in 1969, but guests and employees continue to spot him all over the hotel, including the kitchen. The hotelier is particularly active during the Kentucky Derby. Legend has it that Mr. Brown leaves the smell of cigar smoke in his wake.

335 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40202

haunted brown hotel

The Mansion, Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa
The Mansion, a historic antebellum estate turned restaurant, is reportedly haunted by Gretta, a teenage girl who hanged herself after a boy rejected her romantic overtures. Swaying chandeliers, misplaced keys, unexplained cold spots, and flickering lights are among a few of the The Mansion’s eerie occurrences.

1800 Newtown Pike
Lexington, KY 40511

haunted mansion at griffin gate


At least two ghosts are said to haunt New Orleans’ acclaimed Arnaud’s restaurant. Waiters have spotted a man in an old fashioned tuxedo who they believe is the ghost of original proprietor Arnaud Cazenave. Other staff members have witnessed a woman in an elegant hat walk out of the women’s restroom only to disappear through a wall. Some say the woman is Germaine Cazenave Wells, Arnaud’s daughter.

813 Rue Bienville
New Orleans, La 70112

Brennan’s Restaurant
Featured on season two of Ghost Hunters, Brennan’s is reportedly home to a number of spirits, including a former chef and a former wine master. Employees and patrons have spotted a misty apparition lurking in the dining room upstairs, while waiters are weary of the wine cellar because of bottles that clink when no one is around. Staff members attribute the clinking to former wine master Herman Funk who is said to make recommendations from beyond the grave.

417 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

haunted brennans


Jameson Tavern
Built in 1779, the building that houses Freeport’s Jameson Tavern is said to harbor the ghost of little girl named Emily. Guests and employees have seen a blonde child slipping around corners and young diners talk of meeting a little girl in a blue dress. Other strange happenings include flickering lights, objects that fall for no reason, and an odd energy that fills the dining room.

115 Main Street
Freeport, ME 04032

haunted jameson tavern

Guests and staff at Sonny’s Restaurant in Portland have heard unexplained noises and felt as if something is watching them. One evening, every dish and pan at fell off a shelf for no apparent reason. A patron later came in and told Sonny’s owner a man from the turn of the century haunts the historic property

83 Exchange Street
Portland, ME 04101


Middleton Tavern
Established in 1750, the Middleton Tavern has played host to many of America’s founding fathers, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. Now, the restaurant is reportedly haunted by a dish-tossing soldier from the Revolutionary War, an irritable shadow man who moves furniture, and an old sailor who stares out to sea.

2 Market Space
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

haunted middleton tavern

A mysterious woman in a black hat, a ghostly child, and a shadowy figure are just three of the spirits said to roam Bertha’s seafood restaurant. A local paranormal investigation team investigated the 40-year-old restaurant, and members witnessed a heavy trunk shake and rattle without explanation. The crew also recorded a woman’s laugh on EVP.

734 South Broadway
Fells Point, MD 21231
(410) 327-5795

haunted berthas


Stone’s Public House
Built in 1834, Stone’s Public House is definitely historic and possibly haunted. Patrons feel a tap on the shoulder, but when they turn around no one is there. Bartenders turn off faucets that mysteriously start flowing. One manager was shocked to see a handful of birdseed fall from the ceiling. Legend has it that a body is hidden somewhere in the basement.

179 Main Street
Ashland , MA 01721

haunted stones public house

43 Church
Formerly the Lyceum Restaurant, 43 Church was built on the site of an accused witch’s apple orchard. Bridget Bishop was the first witch to be executed in the infamous Salem Witch Trails, and now the scent of apples reportedly drifts through the restaurant, even when the fruit isn’t on the menu. Staff and guests also report a heavy feeling at 43 Church, and the restaurant has been featured on a few paranormal investigation shows.

43 Church Street
Salem, MA 01970

haunted 43 church


Historic White Horse Inn
Metamora’s White Horse Inn is over 160 years old and allegedly haunted by former owner Lorenzo Hoard. Visitors and staff hear heavy footsteps in empty rooms, lights flicker without cause, trays tumble from tables, and a shadowy form appears in an antique mirror. Every night, just after closing, the current owner leaves a pair of boots for Lorenzo at the top of the stairs. In the morning, the boots are often in a different spot.

1 East High Street
Metamora, MI  48455

haunted white horse inn

Mission Table
A former owner also reportedly haunts Mission Table in Traverse City. Genevive Stickney was a jealous, obese woman whose husband left for a young nurse charged with her care. Legend has it that depression drove Genevive to hang herself in the building’s elevator shaft. Now, the restaurant is plagued with eerie events, including lights that turn on and off without cause, mirrors and paintings that fall off walls, and an elevator that moves when no one’s inside.

13512 Peninsula Drive
Traverse City, MI 49686
(231) 223-4228

haunted mission table


Legend has it that former owner Joseph Lybrandt Forepaugh and Molly, his maid mistress, haunt St. Paul’s Forepaugh’s Restaurant. A pregnant Molly reportedly hanged herself after Joseph’s wife discovered their affair, and now guests and staff hear heavy footsteps on the the third floor, the site of Molly’s tragic suicide. Some diners and waitstaff have also spotted Joseph’s ghosts wandering about the restaurant and Molly is said to appear in photos taken at Forepaugh’s.

276 South Exchange Street
St. Paul MN 55102

forepaughs st paul

Billy’s Bar & Grill

Located at the site of a former hotel, Billy’s Bar & Grill is said to be haunted by a tormented young woman with red hair. According to the tales, passerby see a red-headed woman peering from a third-floor window, but she never turns up when someone goes to investigate. Other strange events include flickering lights, moving objects, and odd noises from the upper floors.

214 Jackson Street
Anoka, MN 55303
(763) 421-3570

haunted restaurant billys bar and grill


Restaurant 1818, Monmouth Plantation
The 195-year-old Monmouth Plantation, which includes Restaurant 1818, is said to harbor the ghost of former plantation owner General John A. Quitman. Guests and workers have spotted the General in various parts of the historic home and have felt an unusual presence while strolling about the grounds. A man in Room 30 once awoke to see Quitman standing over his bed in the middle of the night.

36 Melrose Avenue
Natchez, MS 39120

haunted monmouth plantation

Aunt Jenny’s Catfish Restaurant
Both Aunt Jenny’s Catfish Restaurant and the Julep Room Lounge in the cellar are said to be haunted by multiple spirits. Light bulbs unscrew themselves from the socket, faucets turn on when no one’s around, and a jukebox plays despite being unplugged. A man also hangs around the bar, drinking from a can, but the Julep Room doesn’t serve cans and the man disappears before anyone can talk to him.

217 Washington Avenue
Ocean Springs MS 39564

haunted aunt jennys


The Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn
The Lemp Mansion has a reputation as being one of the most haunted sites in America. No less than three Lemp family members committed suicide in the historic home which is now a restaurant and inn. One of the suicides, a shooting, occurred in what is today a dining room. Workers and guests report apparitions that appear and vanish in the blink of eye, a piano that plays by itself, and objects that move by themselves. Members of the television series Ghost Hunters and Ghost Lab have both investigated the Lemp Mansion. MTV also used the home for their reality show, Fear.

3322 DeMenil Place
St. Louis, Missouri 63118

haunted lemp mansion

Lula Belle’s Restaurant & Bed & Breakfast
The kitchen of Lula Belle’s Restaurant has been the site of numerous eerie occurrences. Objects fly across the room without cause, and something twists and bends kitchen utensils into recognizable shapes. Unexplained shadows, disembodied voices, and orbs of light also plague the 95-year-old building.

111 Bird Street
Hannibal, MO 63401

haunted lula belles

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3 thoughts on “Eerie Eateries: 100 Haunted Restaurants in the United States (Illinois – Missouri)

  1. I grew up in Anoka MN and have been to Billy’s many times. I even worked as a server in the building (before it became Billy’s) for a short time. Personally, I’ve never seen the red-haired spectre. The building is wonderfully creepy though … and I am familiar with a number of stories about strange happenings on the premises. There is a dirt room in the basement that is closed off. I’ve heard noises coming from behind that door.

  2. It’s not open right now, but in Cape Girardeau Mo. , right on the river front was a bar/restaurant called Jerimiah’s. The building is pre civil war , and was ,reportedly once a brothel. The owner back in the late 1980s, a young man in his early thirties, was found dead in his home. It was never made clear what happened.
    People who I knew that worked there said the alarm system would go on regularly in the middle of the night. And people would receive phone calls from the office at 4 00 in the morning, when no one could be there. One guy, who was the bartender told me he he was closing one night , counting the till, when he turned to see a man with a handle bar mustache siting by the front door. He said “We’re closed.” But the guy just sat there. He said it again, and went back to what he was doing, when he turned back again, the man appeared to have gone, but he hadn’t heard the door,so he looked around the corner and saw the man peak around the corner with a big smile, then disappear, Story still creeps me out.

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