Creepy Photo of the Day: Specter in the Tea Room

restaurant ghost photo

Australia’s Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room, in Perth, shared this photo last July. According to Curiositeaz owner Dan Clifford, something set off the tea room’s motion sensor late one night and this is what he found after reviewing the security footage. One paranormal investigator called the photo “the most convincing image we have seen in almost a decade.” Do you agree?

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6 thoughts on “Creepy Photo of the Day: Specter in the Tea Room

  1. I want to know if there’s a direct correlation between the time when the motion sensor was tripped and the time the photo was taken. If there is a correlation, I would have to take the photo more seriously.

  2. Considering the verticle stanceof the figure, and the titled nature of the photograph, this is likely a cheap ghost app since some apps don’t allow you to rotate the ghost.

  3. Just to confirm Curiositeaz Tea Room is in Perth, Scotland (not Australia)…:-)
    This was captured by CCTV and only noticed on a rewind the next day due to
    suspicious circumstances the evening before when watching the Tea Room on a live feed, we noticed a light in the Tea Room and a hazy mist moving from one end of the Tea Room to the other left to right… We’ve never seen anything since that evening…

  4. The dictionary says: “A suspenseful situation occurring at the end of a chapter, scene, or episode. If you are able to’t grasp the look, don’t look for that story behind it, look for that characters behind it.

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