The 7 Most Common Types of Ghost Photos

I encounter a lot of paranormal pics while scouring the web for Creepy Photos of the Day. Here are the seven types of ghost photos I see most frequently. What type of picture do you find most convincing?


Generally speaking, orbs are circular gray or white specks that appear in all sorts of photos, though they’re most common in pictures taken at night or in dimly-lit rooms. Many people believe orbs are paranormal in nature, but skeptics insist they’re nothing more than reflections of dust or moisture in the air.

orb ghost photo

tampa theater orbs

Ghost Faces

Fans of the supernatural often cite ghost faces as evidence of paranormal activity. These faces, which appear in the background of many ghost photos, can be difficult to see or easy to spot, but critics say pareidolia is to blame. Per, pareidolia is “the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist.” In other words, people are imagining things.

famous ghost photo

ghost at the window

Mists and Vapor

White mists and vapor like substances are also common in ghost photos. The assumption among ghost enthusiasts is that the mists are apparitions of some kind, though critics say they’re nothing more than smoke, fog, or objects in front of the camera.

mist ghost photo

charleston graveyard ghost

Streaks of Light

Some ghost pictures feature odd streaks of light that many attribute to ghosts. However, skeptics point to cigarette butts, reflections, lightning, and low-level camera settings.

streak of light ghost

light transfer ghost

Reflection Ghost Photos

Reflection photos are also popular among ghost hunters. While there’s definitely something creepy about the idea of spirits appearing in mirrors or windows, not everyone is convinced that’s what happening. Reflection photos, critics say, are tricks of shadow and light or the reflection of a live human being, not spirits from beyond the grave.

buford house haunting

17Hundred90 Savannah

Obvious Fakes

There are many obvious fakes on the web, though when it comes to ghosts (which no can prove are real), it can be difficult to label one photo fake and another legit. Photoshop and popular ghost generator apps don’t make the task any easier.

fake picture of ghost

fake ghost pic


Not all photos fall neatly under the categories listed above. Some photos show what appear to be full body apparitions or mysterious figures in unexpected places. Of course, for every ghost photo, there’s a skeptic to offer an alternative explanation. It seems ghost photos will always remain a controversial topic.

ghost at lighthouse

ghost pic charleston south carolina

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28 thoughts on “The 7 Most Common Types of Ghost Photos

  1. I love looking at ghost pictures they really intrigue me! I have to admit, orb photos have way too many natural explanations like you said for me to class them as paranormal. For faces, I think humans have that tendency to see faces in anything so always look twice at them style pictures. And some of them are convincing to make me forget all my scepticisms 😛 Great post!

  2. My sister has recently became more sensitive to paranormal. She takes crazy orb pictures on demand. She is unable to take a photo without orbs and has to ask the orbs to please not be in her photos to get an orb-free shot. After a time, she now sees orbs with the naked eye. Has anyone else heard of this?

    • Yes, my brother and my daughter both see orbs with their naked eye. I have hundreds of photos, my brother thousands, of orbs, light tubes, mists and other very strange images.
      It would appear that we are at a time of awakening. People are becoming more evolved and more connected with our environment.

  3. Ok I took a pic when I was drinking my tea and in the fog appears a real scary face what does this mean is it a spirit? Or a ghost?

    • This happened to me too.I believe it a sport you know already like a family member or a friend its nothing to be afraid of.

  4. Please email me– I’d like answers. I have a demon that keeps showing up in pictures if a mirror or window is behind me. I sound crazy but I’ll let u look at them.

    • You are not crazy my boyfriend took a picture of me at night and behind my head was a white wicked looking woman creature with long claws reaching for me. It was horrifying. I made him delete the picture from his phone, now I wish I hadn’t made hi delete it because on YouTube I saw a picture similar to the one my boyfriend captured. I am more freaked out than before. I also have other crazy pictures with things I can not explain not to mention the weird things that have happen to me through out my life, espesally when people I love die.

      • They are drawn to extreme emotional circumstances ie, new baby, divorce,death in family . I have pictures too and it’s ibvious that they are real!! These things are demonic and mean no good towards humans. The Holy Bibke says to ignore them. They are everywhere, but are known to coagulate in areas where the people are ” further away from God”, spiritually and emotionally. They leave if you pray, but can come back as well.

    • I want to see your pics. I’ll show you mine. These things are demons and not dead people
      Donnasking@Comcast. Net

  5. Hi
    We recently visited Houw Hoek Inn (Cape Town South Africa) which is believed to be haunted considering it’s been around since 1834. I was taking pictures of the outside and entrance and started looking through them whilst we were still there. There seems to be a streak of mist/fog which looks like a pole coming down so perfectly next to the upstairs window and past the door frame. It’s too perfect to be mist or fog and there is no pole outside of the entrance. Perhaps it will remain unexplained. I also have a huge amount of orb photo, although these I need no explanation for as I know they are ghosts/spirits. I just need expert advice on the photo of the ghostly pole as I’ve never seen anything like it.

  6. Why is it I’ve seen the same man’s face in a lot of my pictures and no one else but one other person can see him .

    • If no one else can see it just one person you know it sounds like this sport does not want everyone to see him or her.this also happened with my mom she would appear in my pictures no one would see it only one friend of mine.

  7. I have always had strange encounters; hearing voices as a child calling my name and speaking to me in short sentences. And for the past 30 years, street light interference; flickering as I pass by the same certain ones. Dreams pick up where they left off the night before every once and a while. I’ll spare you more examples and stories.

    Now last month I saw out of the corner of my eye on our patio for a split second a white oval like shape that vanished once I turned my head. It was the only time ever this occurred, no other colored mists or smoke ever.

    I grew up in downstate N.Y. on about 10 acres of land in a 200 + year old house with a dirt floor basement with rock walls. On one far part of the land was a graveyard going back to the early 1800’s – 1850’s with about 20 or so graves surrounded by a metal fence probably from the 1900’s I suppose. A painting in the town library shows Gen. George Washington with troops camped out in the front yard meadow (now a road) to take advantage of an ice house and wide flowing creek. There was a presence of skirmishes in our town when the British sailed up the Hudson River some 200 years ago.

    My wife and daughter’s have experienced various ‘weird’ events in our Las Vegas home while I was away with the Army. Upon my return the activity subsided. Our dogs behavior returned to normal from them looking at the ceiling corners and barking at them. They all said they would hear the front door open and close with the walls vibrating.

    None of my spiritual ‘issues’ bother me since I have had voices talk to me as early as I remember. It is my wife that is bothered the most usually. She accepts it with intrigue as she studies into the spiritual and paranormal world.

    Does anyone know any reputable mediums or such for me to speak with out here in the Southwest? I’m located in Las Vegas. I would like to sort out some of my background and my wife feels as though I have something attached to me from the home I grew up in that has never left my side.

    Thank you.


  8. My father passed away about 4 weeks ago from cancer at the age of 42. He had specific wishes to have his ashes spread as we spread the ashes over the water my mom took a photo and there he was in the photo his face and the ashes were in the shape of his body. Very cool.

    • Peyton. It wasn’t your Dad. It’s a demon trying to fool you into believing that we don’t die and that the Bible is not true. The Bible says they are demons and to steer clear from them. They only want to fool you and mean nothing good.. Trust me on this!!

      • the bible is a work of fiction. To assume everyone follows such a book, written by normal people, is an insult to humanity and its diversity.

  9. I think I have a ghost because when I was was leaving a human shape appeared and someone took a picture and there was a little shape of a girl.

  10. When my father died we had a memorial service for him at the local mortuary . Afterwards we gathered at my Moms for a late lunch. Mom had a picture of her and my Dad from a evening they were dressed formal. She had the picture blown up and sitting in the den by fireplace. I went and sat there holding up the enlarged photo. There was no glare it had a satin finish on picture and it was an overcast day with very faint light from outside but not dark enough for any lights yet. The friend that took the picture of me holding my parents picture saw nothing when taking pic. However when we got home and downloaded all of those pictures of family and friends we were shocked to
    see a dark white mist or fog covering my Dad in the pic my friend took. Not one other photo was like this and I know
    it was my Dad.

  11. I have a picture with strange lights and a distorted dark shadow figure behind me if anyone is interested in real proof. Proof of what its is i have no clue

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