4 comments on “The 7 Most Common Types of Ghost Photos

  1. I love looking at ghost pictures they really intrigue me! I have to admit, orb photos have way too many natural explanations like you said for me to class them as paranormal. For faces, I think humans have that tendency to see faces in anything so always look twice at them style pictures. And some of them are convincing to make me forget all my scepticisms :P Great post!

      • Yes couldnt agree more, my father once did some work in a manor home and came home with an experience at the end of each day was so jealous! Saw a woman walk past a doorway and everything, definitaly an appartition I would want to see! :D

  2. My sister has recently became more sensitive to paranormal. She takes crazy orb pictures on demand. She is unable to take a photo without orbs and has to ask the orbs to please not be in her photos to get an orb-free shot. After a time, she now sees orbs with the naked eye. Has anyone else heard of this?

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