Creepy Photo of the Day: The Unexpected Wedding Guests

ghosts at wedding

This photo from shows a happy couple on their wedding day. According to the submitter, the transparent figures in the background resemble dead relatives and only appear in this one photo. Did the couple’s family attend the wedding from beyond the grave, or is it merely a case of double exposure?

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3 thoughts on “Creepy Photo of the Day: The Unexpected Wedding Guests

  1. This photo is taken on the steps of the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s widely believed that family member who have died attend special occasions. I’ve been to this spot hundreds of times and have seen literally thousands of pictures (my own included) taken here. Never have I seen ghostly images in them though. Too bad! It would’ve been nice to have a picture of my deceased grandpa and uncle with me on the happiest day of my life!

  2. This is very clearly a double-exposure. Whoever took the shot didn’t wind the film all the way, so there are artifacts in anything in dark colors/shadows on the image. Look at the groom’s suit and to the immediate left of the doorway for more artifacts from the other image. The only reason the dress and stairs don’t show it is because there’s a slight overexposure, and it blew the rest of the image information out in those locations.

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