Reader Submission: The Presence

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“I have a really creepy story about my house.

When I was home alone I kept hearing a weird groaning sound. It was like someone was pushing a door back and forth. I thought maybe one of my family members was home so I went to check it out. Upon searching however, I found nothing. I returned to my room and freaked out thinking I saw something. I think that time it was just me being paranoid.

I sat back on my bed and the sound started up again. Thinking I was crazy I recorded the sound on my phone. A little ways into the recording I heard a knocking. I thought maybe the radiator was knocking around so I went into the storage room next to my room to check it out. When I got in there I saw someone look at me and disappear. I walked over and there was a really cold spot next to the wall near where my head would have been on the other side! The radiator was perfectly fine.

I went to sleep that night with my dogs by my bed because I was really paranoid. Around 2 a.m. growling woke me up. Both my large hunting dogs’ fur was standing on end and they were staring straight at my closet. I looked over and saw a figure once again only for a fraction of a second. Then my music box started playing. Whatever was there wasn’t happy. I kept hearing scratches, knocks, groans, and thuds. And my dogs were just as restless growling the entire time.

Needless to say, we held a séance to try to contact the spirit that was messing around in my house to see if we could understand what it wanted. We felt a séance was safer than opening a true door with a Ouija board. It was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had.”

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