Creepy Photo of the Day: The Worstead Church Wraith

ghost pic worstead church

In 1975, a couple visited Worstead Church in Norfolk, U.K. The husband snapped a photo of his wife praying on a pew, but it seems she wasn’t alone. Is the eerie figure the church’s infamous Lady in White?

A tourist snapped a similar photo in Montana’s Bannack Church.

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4 thoughts on “Creepy Photo of the Day: The Worstead Church Wraith

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  3. I used to live in worstead, an interesting little rural village. The White Lady of Worstead is very popular and has been seen by many people including the local vicar. I remember as a child that a Fish and Chip van would pull up in the village square by the haunted church on a Friday night and the man running it would often talk about how he once saw the white lady while he was closing up shop. He said she moved between the gravestones and walked through the large doors of the church, he then claimed that a white light seemed to emanate from the windows. He believed it to be an angel. Another time, a friend of mine was drinking with a couple of friends in the graveyard (don’t judge, rural England can be extremely boring for teenagers) when he claimed the gravestone he was seated against seemed to lurch behind him, upon spinning around there was a woman in a white dress and bonnet staring down at him with a stern face. All three of them ran out of the graveyard and didn’t return that night. So interesting to see our little village featured on here!

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