4 Creepy Haunted Doll Sites

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Think dolls are creepy? You’re not alone. Many folks are spooked by tales of Robert the Haunted Doll and Connecticut’s infamous Annabelle. However, not everyone finds haunted dolls disturbing. In fact, some people are so passionate about ghostly dollies that they’ve created websites offering everything from a haunted doll shop to a live web stream featuring allegedly possessed playthings. Here are four of them. Do you believe?

The Haunted Doll Educator
David’s Haunted Dolls doesn’t sell anything, but instead focuses on educating the public about haunted dolls and the best way to care for them. David, who affectionately refers to his haunted dolls as “spirit children,” insists possessed dolls are real and more common than one might think.

“A haunted doll is not your everyday Betsy Wetsy,” David writes. “Haunted dolls are real life spirits that are attached to a certain host doll. Nobody really knows if the spirit picks that host doll, or if they are just drawn there, but we do know it happens. You might even have a haunted doll in your home, and not even know it.”

Isn’t that a comforting thought…

The Haunted Doll Store
If you want to buy a possessed doll, AJ’s Haunted Dolls is a good place to visit. The site offers dozens of creepy playthings, ranging in price from $20 to $1,000. Some dolls, like Kiara, appear innocent and sweet, while others, like Maria the Revenge Wiccan Spirit, have a slightly darker energy. However, you shouldn’t fret about a possessed doll coming to slit your throat in the middle of the night. AJ is confident in her (his?) ability to keep evil forces out.

dolls staring“It is simple, my grandmother always said ‘in order to keep evil out, you do not invite it in,'” AJ writes. “Along with following her simple rules, her protection prayers, and burning of sage sticks I haven’t had to deal with any strong evil entities.”

The Haunted Doll Collector
Haunted Dolls, meanwhile, bills itself as “the original haunted doll site” and features information about owner Kimberly Gunn’s extensive collection. Gunn has collected everything from possessed clown dolls to haunted Native American figures and is dedicated to helping the souls trapped inside her spirit children.

“I have made it my mission to adopt these dolls, to communicate with them, show them as much attention as possible, and to give them a voice,” she writes.

The Haunted Doll Cam
Another site, the Doll House Cam, streams video of dolls 24/7 to give viewers the chance to spot a haunted doll in action. Viewers have shared all sorts of finds in the Cam Capture section, though most require a healthy dose of imagination to see. Some finds, on the other hand, are quite unnerving. In March 2009, the cam captured what appears to be a child’s ghost lurking at the bottom of the stairs. Do you think it’s real?

Have you had an experience with a haunted doll? Share your experiences here!

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12 thoughts on “4 Creepy Haunted Doll Sites

  1. Urge haunted dolls are in my top three fears, right behind needles and clowns! They’re so freaky and I was always staring at my dolls as a kid to see if they blinked. Argh! Would freak out watching a doll-cam!! Can’t think of anything creepier!

  2. Hello this is Aj I am a female , Native American, if anyone has any questions at all about haunted or possesed items, then please feel free to email me. I welcome and invite you to visit my site Haunteddollsforsale.com, you can also find me on facebook 🙂 Thanks so much Smile, AJ

  3. iam only 12 and i have a had this fear of dolls for ever no one beleives me i have dreams abut them my little sister have lots of dolls she has a bib fat one and thats the one that gives me the most dreams

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  5. My friend has about 7 dolls, she believes that the dolls have a soul, a spirit, she thinks some of the dolls have good spirits, the others, bad spirits. She treats them like there it’s her own kids, but, she will not even touch them in the night, her house is a mystery, but mostly her basement. Plus, the dolls are American girls dolls. I have Julie, but I never touch her, I hate dolls. There creepy!

  6. this did not help me look for dolls to buy, im a demonically haunted doll collector, i collect demonically attatched dolls, nothing else, if you can refer me to someone who has one and wants it gone that would be great

  7. SKID ROW SEBASTIAN BACH had a beautiful yet eeriw estranged wife whom he married legally and refused to divorce in 1985. The wifes name is Lavina Kymille Louise and it is said her beautiful murdered mom named Patricia Ann was a deposed Princess. Lavina and her mom had haunted dolls,some they summoned spirits into.

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