Reader Submission: Rockabye Baby

“When I was a baby and started to cry my mother would be headed to my room and would hear my cradle start to rock. I had one of the cradles that could be rocked if it was pushed, but it was not an automatic rocking cradle. My mother would walk in and see the cradle rocking me back and forth with no one around to push it and the windows closed. The cradle would rock me back to sleep and then it would slow down and stop once I was fully asleep.

My parents were able to buy the house they owned for a good price because a young couple and the husband’s mother all lived in the house. The couple told the mother that they were going to try to have kids, and the mother was ecstatic. Two weeks after the women got pregnant, the mother died of a stroke. My mom told me that the couple sold the house because it no longer felt like home without the husband’s mother. I believe and my mom believes, that the mother just wanted to take care of a grandchild and sing them lullabies, lullabies that could be heard throughout the house some nights.”

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