Creepy Photo of the Day: The Dole Mansion Ghost

ghost picture dole mansion

An intern at the historic Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake, IL took this photo of a bird that died in an upstairs bedroom. Notice anything strange near the window?

How about in a lightened version of the photo?

ghost man dole mansion

Visitors and staff have noticed a number of strange things at the Dole Mansion, though the identity of the ghost man remains a mystery. What do you think of the creepy pic?

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6 thoughts on “Creepy Photo of the Day: The Dole Mansion Ghost

  1. Spent a good five minutes scouring the first photo before realising you’d made it clearer on the second shot. Super creepy!! Was the dead bird part of the “haunting” or just a coincidence??

  2. The first thing I noticed was the face in the paint on the wall. That man in the window looks fake, look how small he is, and he looks just like a ghost app that can be downloaded. I am from Crystal Lake, and I believe this picture was made.

    • After posting the photo, I realized it is almost certainly a ghost app. I’m still living in the past without a smartphone, so I hadn’t seen the app “ghosts.”

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