Wem Ghost Picture Debunked?

fire girl ghost picture

In 1995, a mysterious fire erupted in a town hall in Wem, England. Resident Tony O’Rahilly snapped a picture of the inferno, but the photo he developed contained a chilling surprise: a bonnet-clad girl standing in the flames. Tony shared his creepy capture with friends, and the ghostly image soon made headlines around the world.

Some say the ghost belongs to Jane Churm, a 14-year-old girl who accidentally started a fire in the old town hall in 1677. Others insist the photo is a fraud. Why? In 2010, a newspaper in Wem ran an old photo from the 1920s. In it stands a bonnet-clad girl whose clothing and features closely resembles the figure in the fire. It seems O’Rahilly inserted the girl, if she is indeed the same person, into the picture of the fire. Do you think itโ€™s the same girl?

wem ghost fire girlCropped version of famous Wem ghost picture

wem girl pictureHistorical photo with girl allegedly used in Wem ghost picture

wem ghost picture debunkedClose up view of Wem fire girl and Wem town girl. Is it he same person?

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  1. Unfortunately I do think it is the same girl. By the way, Wem is a beautiful little place, a highlight being the Folk Museum and Library ; a veritable feast of folklore and ghost tales on their shelves and experts and storytellers on hand to advise ๐Ÿ™‚

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