Reader Submission: The Woman in the Hall

dark hall

“I stayed over at my boyfriend’s house last week, and there was a lot of creepy stuff going on. I really believe his house is haunted.

I slept in my boyfriend’s room, and I always have the door locked and shut where you can’t push it open. Well, every morning the door is unlocked. One morning I had to go to the potty, so I got up and went to the bathroom. As I came near the bathroom door, I saw a figure of a woman, as clear as can be, walking into my boyfriend’s mom’s room. I thought I was hallucinating, but when I came out of the bathroom I saw the figure again. It was walking down the hall, and all of the dogs were barking and staring straight at the woman. I froze stiff for awhile before it disappeared into thin air.

I immediately ran to my boyfriend and told him what I saw. He believed me and said strange things happen to him all the time. That night, my boyfriend, his mom, his sister, and I all talked about the weird event, and they said there’s definitely something in the house. I freaked out because I sometimes stay there by myself. I’m definitely going to take pictures around the house the next time I go over there!”

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