Reader Submission: Darth Vader

weird shadow

“When my son was three or four, we lived in an old house in south Oklahoma City. A few strange things happened while we were there, but the strangest involved my son’s bedroom.

Every night I’d put my son to bed, but when I checked on him later he’d be curled up at the foot of his mattress. It got to where he refused to lay anywhere near the head of his bed. I tried to make him sleep in a normal position, but I eventually gave up and let him do what he wanted. When I asked why he didn’t like the top of his bed, he said he was afraid of Darth Vader. I thought that was a weird thing to say, but brushed it off as a child’s overactive imagination.

One night I opened the door to check on my son, when I saw a weird shadow sliding across the wall. It moved from wall to another, from above my son’s bed to the wall just beside it. At first, I thought the shadow came from a passing car, but my son’s room wasn’t near a road and I’ve never seen a shadow move the way the one in his room did. It seemed to be consciously moving away from the light. I then realized it was the shadow that scared my son and that he had confused it with Darth Vader.

We moved away from the house a few months later, but I’ve always wondered about the creepy shadow in the room. What was it and why did it lurk at the foot of my son’s bed?”

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