Reader Submission: The Blue Man Group

creepy blue man

“I got home late one night and was ready for bed so I went to lay with my boyfriend who was already asleep. I laid down and then turned to face him. To my surprise, I saw a woman petting his forehead and three men standing about three feet behind her! I hurried to cover my head under the covers but then questioned my sanity and built up the courage to look once more.

I sat up and stared at them for a moment. They were light blue in color and the men had no expression on their faces. The woman was smiling down at my boyfriend. My boyfriend seemed to be at peace, he was laying on his back not snoring like a bear, and I thought “this is awesome, but they aren’t here for me!” So I rolled over, put my head under the covers, and made myself fall asleep in about two seconds. Three weeks went by before I even mentioned to my boyfriend what I saw. I have had paranormal things happen before, I’ve just never seen anything. I was shocked the blue people would visit like they did.”

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    • Thats what I told people too. But only If human. I still dont know who them spirits might have been.I had seen a white mist next to my Daughters highchair also something told me to look back at her,pretty spooky.I can say it was always cold in that house ,I was hopeing it was from the big shade tree and we only got visitors and not roommates that year.Im gonna write another entry and the next one is about the zodiac.Im new to the online life but I looked up my girlfriend that was with me when this thing happened and she gets nothing but horoscopes sent to her now on her page.Something got us both to believe

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