Girls, Girls, Ghouls: 3 Haunted Strip Clubs and a Ghostly Brothel


Who says ghosts are immune to the pleasures of the flesh? Here are 3 haunted strip clubs, and one brothel, that will scare the pants off you.

Liquid Assets, South Plainfield, NJ
New Jersey’s Liquid Assets bills itself as the only haunted gentlemen’s club in North America. Fittingly, the club’s ghost seems to get a kick out of removing women’s clothing.

“One time I went into my register and when I walked away my shirt flew open,” a bartender named Julie said in an interview. “Every button, but not one of them was broken.”

Other eerie events at the club include stools that fly off counter tops and taps from an invisible entity. The manger has also spotted weird blobs in the club’s surveillance video, though some say it’s nothing more than insects on the camera.

According to psychic Jane Doherty, Liquid Asset’s ghost may be a dancer named Arielle who died on her way to work. A skeptic named Claus Larson says it could be leprechauns. Rumor has it that a former mobster, Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll, also haunts the establishment.

The strip club appeared in an episode of the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story.

liquid assets new jersey

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Mound House, NV
Featured in the HBO series Cathouse, The Moonlite Bunny Ranch is a legal brothel in western Nevada. Rumor has it VIP Room 13 is home to more than wild parties and fantasy romps.

“I partied in here about four days ago, and I actually thought the guy was rubbing my shoulder,” working girl Shelly Dushell told the Reno-Gazette Journal. “I could’ve sworn I felt his hand on me, but when I turned around to look he had his hands on the bed.”

According to Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof, workers discovered nearly $5,000 hidden in the walls of Room 13 during a renovation 20 years ago. The bills dated back to the early ‘60s. Could the cash have something to do with the haunting?

Women who have worked in the haunted room complain of flickering lights, strange noises, and mirrors that fog for no reason. One girl claims a shower switched on by itself.

Proof Positive: Evidence of the Paranormal investigated the haunting in 2004.

moonlite bunny ranch nevada

Rick’s Cabaret, New Orleans, LA
Though Liquid Assets claims to be North America’s only haunted strip club, the folks at Rick’s Cabaret may disagree. According to a former manager, Rick’s second story champagne room is haunted by a person who died on the property years ago.

Reports from the club speak of dark figures that appear without warning and invisible beings that grab dancers’ arms. It’s also common for doors to open and close for no apparent reason.

ricks cabaret new orleans

Gypsy Rose Pole Dancing, Boston MA
Though not technically a strip club, Wendy Reardon’s Gypsy Rose pole dancing studio is reportedly home to number of ghosts. It seems the spirits are drawn to the dancer’s sexy moves.

“You can’t see them, you can’t feel them, you can only see them on video or in pictures,” Reardon told The Boston Herald. “They’re just bright white or blue orbs that love all the positive energy at Gypsy Rose!”

Wendy shared her story on the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story earlier this year. The pole dancing instructor loves her “special friends” and talks to them whenever she works the pole.

“It’s really humbling, that someone from a different dimension wants to be here and dance around.”

supernatural pole dancing

On a slighted related note, funeral strippers in Taiwan dance to distract evils spirits and entertain both the living and the dead.

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