Ghost Picture of the Day: The Lad at Lake Lure Inn

lake lure inn ghost photo

A manager at North Carolina’s Lake Lure Inn snapped this photo while preparing for an event. Though he didn’t notice anything strange that day, the photo reveals a blurred figure on the left. Is it a ghost? The manager checked the inn’s surveillance footage, but found no sign of the boy. Here’s a news story covering the ghostly image. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Ghost Picture of the Day: The Lad at Lake Lure Inn

  1. Visited Lake Lure Lodge the other day. My husband and I decided to stop for a cocktail. Shortly after walking into the lobby and looking around for a bathroom I got this feeling something was a bit off about the atmosphere.
    After finding the small restroom located behind check in I began having stronger feelings that something wasn’t quite right about the hotel.
    My husband asked about the bar, but was told it was closed by one of 2 women working at the front desk. There was no other guests in the lobby.
    While standing in the lobby looking at the many old antiques, I had the strongest desire to get out of the place. I normally enjoy antiques and historic places, but, this place definitely gave me the willies.
    As we walked out to find a restaurant, I said to my husband of 25 years, this hotel feels haunted.
    He said how do you know? I told him it is something I sense and cannot explain.
    Like the place felt full, but was completely void of guests.

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