4 comments on “New Paranormal Books for 2013

  1. Are you interested in Paranormal Entities other than Ghosts? If so there is

    “Vampire Universe” , “Zombie CSU”, And the Cryptopedia by Johnathan Maberry (man’s a genius.

    “The Exorcist Field Guide”, and “Slenderman from fiction to fact” by my friend Pastor Robin Swope. He’s an exorcist like me though he’s an evangelical and mainstream Christian and I’m a Pagan and practicing Witch.

    “Psychic Self Defense” by Dion Fortune

    And “Diary of a Witch” by Sybil Leek she also wrote on casting out demons and has many spell books out there, but this one is her autobiography. She was the first woman to public say “I am a Witch” back at a time when people still had prejudices against Witches and thought we were all devil worshipers.

    And of course Hoodoo in theory and practice. By Catherine Yronwonde

      • Happy to see the upcoming release of my book mentioned, “A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of a Reluctant Psychic”. Still dealing with the paranormal in the form of hauntings to this day, in my own home as well as others who need help. Still have an intense interest and a healthy respect for these things as well…keep up the great work informing us paranormal devotees! Debra Robinson

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