Reader Submission: From One Soldier to Another


“In the Fall several years ago, a friend and I were driving through remote woods in northeast Louisiana, going to a camp. He pointed out an old graveyard and I asked if we could stop as I wanted to see if there were any Civil War era gravestones (I am a veteran).¬†We walked in an old gate on the front right side of the graveyard, towards six or eight graves. We saw a couple Civil War headstones, and then I followed him to the other side, under a big red oak tree, to look at a few more graves. I said something like ‘good job soldier’ to a grave there and turned to follow my buddy out the gate.

As I walked along, a little whirly wind sprang up on my front left with big oak leaves in it. I didn’t think much about it. It was coming at me and I kept walking, but when it hit me on the left half of my body it shocked me like it had electricity in it. All my hair stood up and I got goose bumps all over. I stopped and turned to see about the wind thing and watched it move a few feet behind me and then dissipate, the leaves falling to the ground. What I’m saying is that there was more to that little whirly wind than just air and leaves. It had a strong energy to it. I think it was the ghost of the old soldier I’d spoken to and he was acknowledging me, maybe saying thanks for remembering or greeting a fellow veteran. There is no doubt that there was an obvious energy in the wind and leaves. I give my word this is true.”

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  1. I believe him, his experience is similar to others I’ve heard of, that same electrical feel.

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