Ghost And Ghouls on New Radio Show, “Nova X”


Exciting news! Starting tomorrow, I’ll discuss ghosts every Monday night on Nova X, a radio show based in Costa Blanca, Spain. The show debuts tomorrow and will initially air from 6 to 8 p.m. EST. Fellow ghost nerds can listen online hereI’ve never done radio before, so the experience should be interesting to say the least!

This week I’ll discuss the Old City Jail in Charleston, SC and Room 204 of Savannah’s 17Hundred90 Inn. Here’s a synopsis for those who’ve forgotten the stories or haven’t had the pleasure of reading my posts 🙂

The Old City Jail, Charleston, SC

Built in 1802, the Old City Jail housed some of Charleston County’s most infamous criminals, including 19th-century pirates, errant slaves, and Lavinia Fisher, America’s first female serial killer. Weird events at the jail include objects that disappear, an alarm that goes off for no apparent reason, cell phone batteries that mysteriously die, and the sound of heavy breathing in empty cells.

17Hundred90 Inn, Room 204, Savannah, GA

Legend has it a heartbroken woman named Anna jumped from #204 sometime in the late 1800s. Now strange events plague the room. Guests have startled awake to the sound of shattering glass or the sight of a shadowy figure near the foot of the bed. Women leave their jewelry or toiletries one place only to find them somewhere completely different. Tour guides refer to the 17Hundred90 Inn as “the most haunted hotel” in “the most haunted city” in America.

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  1. I’m excited for you. I will tell everyone at the NPS and the Paranormal Corner to listen to your show!

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