Ghost Picture of the Day: The Pink Lady of Greencastle

pink lady of greencastle

The photo of the Pink Lady of Greencastle is one of the most famous in the United States, but is it real? Taken during a investigation at the O’Hare Mansion in Greencastle, IN, the photos reportedly show a ghostly woman standing near the window. Many believe the eerie figure is Irene O’Hare, the former lady of the manor. Others think it’s a fake. The O’Hare Mansion has since been demolished, but the legend of the Pink Lady lives on. What do you think of the images?

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3 thoughts on “Ghost Picture of the Day: The Pink Lady of Greencastle

  1. Regardless of it was real or not, if the Home was torn then the spirit is long gone. Unless she attached herself to the land somehow

  2. My brother and I visited the home site years ago after we’d heard about the rumors. We were too late to see the mansion, as it had been recently torn down (there was still a pile of bricks that hadn’t yet been hauled off). It was a sunny day in September, still around 90 degrees, with no wind. As we approached the rubble, we both felt a blast of freezing cold air hit us several times. We looked over at a windmill and saw that it was turning wildly, despite the lack of wind. The windmill then suddenly reversed and spun the opposite direction.

    I had taken a few photographs but nothing turned up. The cold winds and the crazy windmill make me think something was still attached to the land at that time (this was early 2000s).

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