Ghost Picture of the Day: The Floating Face

A reader writes:
totally real ghost photo

“My name is B.T. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The picture you are about to see is really scary. So last night I had two friends over and we were watching a movie about an exorcism. I got scared, so we shut it off and started playing NHL 13. All lights were off, so my friend started taking pictures of my house with the flash on his phone. One picture caught his eye. He thought he saw two eyes in the corner and then he darkened the picture using Instagram (right). My friends and mom think it’s photoshopped, but me and my two friends were right there when we saw the picture. I really would like to know what it is so please consider this ghost photo or whatever. I’m not sure what to call it. Thanks.”

What do you think of this fellow’s ghost picture? There appears to be a trend of ghosts appearing to guys playing video games. Beware, young men!

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3 thoughts on “Ghost Picture of the Day: The Floating Face

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  2. Honestly, It doesn’t even look photoshoped to me. To me it looks like a reflection in a mirror like he was on one side and somebody else was on another.

    Then again I’m no expert. At most if it is real it’s either a Thought Form or a dead relative (possibly, just shooting theories here)

  3. i tried cooking one over the stove top (crazy, huh? lol) but the kids didn’t like it maybe if they see other kids enonyijg it, they’d like it, too. thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sisso sorry for the super late visit .

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