Reader Submission: Visit from an Angel


“I was three years old when this event occurred, but I still remember everything. I would often have trouble sleeping as a young child. This particular night was one such night. I was laying awake in my elevated bed, and my room got bright very quickly, as if someone had pointed a spotlight in my window and then moved it away. I sat up in bed, and looked around.

There was a tall, thin woman standing in the middle of my room. She glowed and had an unearthly air about her. She stepped to the side of my bed and gently tapped my arm. I looked at her and told her I was listening. She preceded to say: ‘Josephine, you need to know that your Uncle Johnny has just come to heaven with me. I came to tell you. Everything is okay.’ I nodded and an utter sense of calm washed over me. ‘Go tell your mother, she will want to know.’ I watched as the angel simply faded out of sight and the bright flash occurred again.

I went and woke my mother, telling her that ‘The angel just told me she took Uncle Johnny to heaven, Mama. She said tell you that it’s okay.’ My mom was shocked to hear this. Uncle Johnny was her uncle, my great uncle. He had been in relatively good health and the news came as a great surprise. Mom immediately called my grandmother, who was picking up the phone to dial our number at that moment. Uncle Johnny had been taken to the emergency room complaining of chest pains. At 2:54 Uncle Johnny passed away. I woke Mom up at exactly 3:00 am.”


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  1. Sounds like a Psychopomp, a being who crosses over the dead. They can be Angels, Witches, even certain kinds of Animals or even Gods. Fascinating account.

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