Ghosts and Ghouls’ Top 10 Ghost Pictures

ghost photo tulip staircase

Since I’m in a list-making kind of mood, here are Ghosts and Ghouls’ Top 10 ghost pictures (in terms of views). A few of the photos are a bit suspect, but others are intriguing. Which pic do you find most convincing?


10. The Ghost of Sue Howard Hardy 
Arguably the most famous ghost photo from Charleston, SC, this creepy pic reportedly shows a ghostly mother kneeling at her child’s grave.

9. Tulip Staircase Ghost
This famous photo shows a shrouded figure clinging to a staircase.

8. The Girl in the Window
A pale-faced child glares out the window of an ordinary home. Or is it a ghost?

7. St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost 
Legend has it a light keeper’s daughter died at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Is that her gazing out to sea?

6. Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost
A full-bodied apparition in Savannah’s Colonial Park Cemetery?

5. The Thing Under the Bridge
A bus accident, a rescue worker, and a victim’s ghost hiding under the bridge?

4. The Face in the Cave
Strange mist in a Pennsylvania cave takes on the shape of a face.

3. The Unseen Bridesmaid
It seems there’s one extra bridesmaid in this wedding day pic.

2. The Girl on the Floor
A group of teens pose for a photo, but who’s that on the floor?

1. The Ghost of Gettysburg 
A uniformed figure wanders around a former battle site in Gettysburg, PA. Is it a ghost?

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