Our Stay at Savannah’s Haunted Eliza Thompson House

eliza thompson house savannah

On Monday, April 22nd, my husband and I spent the night at Savannah’s haunted Eliza Thompson House. According to local legend, a Civil War soldier and giggling children haunt the historic home and occasionally appear to startled guests. I booked the Lee Room, a space once used as the children’s nursery, in hopes of spotting a ghost. Did I succeed?

My husband and I arrived at the Eliza Thompson House around 4:00 p.m. He’s fond of embarrassing me, so one of his first questions upon check in was “will we see any ghosts?.” Like the clerk at the 17Hundred90 Inn, the woman at the Eliza Thompson House clearly didn’t believe in spirits, or at least didn’t think there were any at the inn. After assuring us we’d see no ghosts, the clerk summoned a bellman who gave us a quick tour of the property and showed us to our room.

parlor eliza thompson house

The parlor

Our room was at the top of a steep set of stairs, right next to the infamously haunted R. Bruce Room. Only a thin wall separated the Bruce Room from our bathroom, so I saw no reason why the legless Civil War soldier couldn’t float on over and pay a visit. Mischievous children also reportedly haunt the historic home, and what better place to appear than our room, a.k.a the old nursery? 

lee room eliza thompson housse

Our room at the Eliza Thompson House

Eliza Thompson House

Another view of the Lee Room

Portrait in the room

Hey, guys

The Lee Room is the smallest room at the Eliza Thompson House, but it overlooks Savannah’s famously gorgeous Jones Street and is downright quaint and cozy. The bathroom is long and narrow with with an old fireplace near the shower and an exposed brick wall. The bricks looked old and I must admit that I stuck my fingers in the crumbling mortar in hopes of finding something amazing stuffed within the cracks. Alas, I found nothing.

old fireplace

Old fireplace in the bathroom


Lee Room bathroom

So did I find a ghost? The answer, sadly, is no. My husband and I tried an EVP session around midnight, but failed to record any disembodied voices. The room didn’t feel creepy or haunted and there were no strange noises or smells. I left the digital recorder on all night and am in the process of reviewing the results. However, the only things I’ve heard so far are my husband’s snores and cars driving by in the street.

Based on my admittedly limited experience, if you’re looking for a haunted home in Savannah, Georgia, the Eliza Thompson House isn’t it. Can anyone out there say differently?

3 thoughts on “Our Stay at Savannah’s Haunted Eliza Thompson House

  1. Lol, Your husband cracks me up. I can only imagine with the look on that girl’s face was.

    All the same, it looks like a beautiful hotel and I would love to stay there someday.

  2. I stayed in this room in 1999 while I was 7 mos. pregnant with my first son. I am fond of ghost stories and we took a walking ghost tour. The tour guide stopped at out Inn and told of the satori of a young woman who could be seen in the smallest room of the Inn, the former nursery. The creepy part was that the night BEFORE I had a dream that a young woman was floating next to my bed….

  3. I recently stayed at the Inn in room 122, on the parlor floor right next to the stair case. The first night I stayed there I woke around 3 am choking on a very poignant floral scent. It forced me to sit up and look around the room for anything that the smell could be coming from. I also heard the wood floors creaking loudly as if someone was walking away from me. I tried to sniff the sheets, my pillow, anything around me that could lead to such a STRONG floral scent, it was something I’ve never smelled before. It was almost nauseating. It reminded me of when my mother would lean over and kiss me before she left for work in the morning.

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