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I’ve written about haunted caves before, but these true stories come from cavers themselves. Settle in and read about the mysteries that lie beneath.

A Tap on the Shoulder
“I was down in this cave that happens to have a lot of history in it. I had bent down to tighten up my boot and someone or something tapped me on the neck with a finger, only there was no one nearby. There were no bats flying, no loose straps, no water drops, nothing. But a finger playfully poked me on the neck causing me to almost lose my balance. Yes, I almost made my own cave mud stains. It SPOOKED ME BIG-TIME!!”

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The Miner’s Candle
“Some years ago several of our club had a trip into Water Icicle. Needless to say, before we went down we discussed in some detail ‘odd’ experiences” various members had reported on previous trips. One of our group was particularly disturbed by these stories because as a child he had briefly occupied a house that had to be exorcised.

He was the last person out and as he sat at the bottom of shaft in the entrance chamber, his imagination began to get the better of him and he was most unhappy. A call came from above ‘rope free.’ He stood up, but as he walked towards the rope he heard something (someone?) shuffling towards him along the passage. He turned round but there was nothing there. Imagination?

He clipped onto the rope and began to climb. Suddenly he felt a tug from below. Not daring to look down, he climbed as fast as he could. Once inside the narrow part of the shaft he felt a little less ‘exposed,’ so he paused for a brief rest and plucked up the courage to look down. Below him he could see the glow of what appeared to be a miner’s candle!

He immediately set off at high speed but no matter how fast he climbed the “candle” followed him, when he stopped it stopped! When he climbed it too began to climb. He was petrified, an understatement if ever there was one.”

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Bone Ritual
“About 15 years ago, I took my then girlfriend up to Indian Grave Point Cave in Middle, TN. She had been caving with me before, but not to this particular cave. There was kind of an eerie fog as we climbed up the mountain. We climbed down into the entrance sink, ducked into the cave, and entered the first large room. It was one of those temperature inversion nights where it was real foggy right inside. We could only see a few feet ahead, and our lights were casting strong beams in the cloud.

In the room, I noticed some animal bones arranged into an elaborate pattern on a large rock. I pointed this out to Suzie, and she became visibly shaken and suggested we leave the cave. I told her it was no big deal, that lots of different types of people used the cave and it was probably something someone did out of boredom. She would not relent and said in a shaky, but determined, voice ‘Let’s leave right now.’ I was annoyed, having seen lots of crazy things in this cave, but could tell by the look on her face that we would not be caving that night.

We hiked down to the car and by the time we got there Suzie was in tears. She was inconsolable. On the ride home, once she had calmed down a bit, she said ‘I can’t believe you were saying those things in there.’ ‘What are you talking about?’ I asked. She went on to describe that once I had pointed them out, I had explained that the bones were there as a sign, an omen of great ritual importance (I had said nothing of the sort. She said she was terrified to watch me explain with glee how there was great spiritual importance of us being there that night to witness the ritual. What she described me saying was very involved, about a five minute monologue that I know did not come out of my mouth. I told her that none of that had actually happened, and that I had only said something like ‘Hey look at these bones!’ and nothing else. Then I realized that something weird had occurred.

I don’t know what actually happened to Suzie in there, but for her it was very real. We both had a very unsettled feeling about the whole thing. I don’t think we spoke much on the ride home, and she never really wanted to talk about it much after that.”

Cave Chat

Bodies Unknown
“I once went deep into Crank Caverns with a friend and a member of the council (or so he said, he did have the key to the gate).

Away from the main cave and down to the left, you enter a large ditch outside with a big cave entrance on your right and a little entrance in front of you. The entrance in front is the one that is locked with the gate. I have heard that the cave on the right is where people have report seeing images of monks wandering around.

Once outside the man told us about the history of the caverns. First, he told us that they we used by monks in the church in Billange as an escape route. The church can be seen from just outside the caverns.

He then told us about a story that happened not so long ago (will be about 12-13 years ago now if my memory is right). He told us two young lads entered the caverns and got lost. They had told their parents where they were going and when they didn’t arrive home their parents informed the police. After a couple of days of searching, the police sealed off the area and removed two body bags from the caverns. This is where it gets strange. They were also reported to have removed seven more body bags from the caverns. One of the bags was said to have not been in a body shape but was instead square.”

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4 thoughts on “Real Cavers Share True Ghost Stories

  1. The Miner’s candle may have been a Will-O’-the-wisp. A spirit in orb form. It literally looks like a ball of fire.

    Maybe even a Corpse Candle or Dead Light (Will-O’-the-wisp of a Dead person).

    As for the Bone Ritual experience it sounds like he was temporarily possessed by something. Normally nature spirits or benign ancestor spirits are involved but this…idk it leaves me unsettled like it was a not so nice spirit.

    Bad Magick, nothing good it felt. They should have cleansed with Dragon’s Blood incense after that encounter.

    • I think something wanted them to stay to be sacrificed or something. The entity knew the dude wanted to stay but the lady didnt that’s why she got the convincing talk. Crazy if true. The place IS called Indian GRAVE Point Cave.

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