Reader Submission: Ghosts at the Group Home

shadow men

“Hello. I am in Tennessee.

A few years ago I worked as a residential technician at a local group home where they care for residents who all have some degree of developmental disability. I worked for them for almost six and a half years total, and third shift for the last three years I was there. I left in October 2010, so it’s not been that long ago. There was a good degree of down time during the night, and it was okay to sit and watch TV, read, whatever, as long as the residents were monitored per a schedule throughout the night, and their status recorded.

During my time there, I was witness to some strange things. I saw shadows go across the room, down the hall, into rooms, etc. The shadows varied in height from adult height to knee height. I saw a shadow about knee height one night shoot down the hall and make a quick right turn into one of the resident’s bedrooms, and another time I saw one adult height shadow float across the kitchen and disappear into the cabinets.

One night while I was sitting in the living room watching TV, I heard a noise from the office area. The office was in another room, but directly behind the living room area. The noise sounded like an object hit the wall. I went to check and there was a small driveway rock lying in the middle of the floor. I know it was not there earlier. There is a gravelled parking area in front of the house.

Once, as I was standing in the doorway to the pantry, I noticed for a split second over my right shoulder, a man standing behind me. He was an older man, about 5’10” and dressed in a plaid shirt, and in the blink of an eye he was gone. I also heard many noises and voices during my time there, that sounded like they were coming from the office area or den, but no one was there but me. I heard someone rap on the wall one night in the office area, but no one was there. This was an inside wall between the office and the living room, not next to anyone’s bedroom.

Other people, some who are still there, and others who are gone, have also experienced strange things, much like I did, but also seeing kitchen cabinet doors being opened and hearing noises. Some of this was during the day as well, not just at night.

A former director had died a few years earlier. She was very involved with the group home and loved the residents dearly. She was always willing to roll up her sleeves and do whatever was needed. The current group home manager, who was also manager when I was there, has also been witness to strange events, and believes she has seen the director’s ghost, and believes that she watches over the place.

No one has ever been touched or injured to my knowledge. I was never really scared, and I don’t think anyone else was or has been either, but it was spooky. I’m not sure if things continue to happen or not, as I have not spoken to anyone about it since leaving.”

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2 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Ghosts at the Group Home

  1. Place needs to be Smuged, smuging can also be a form of prayer and can be used to cross souls over as well as sealing up any spirit portals still there.

    A Native American Elder should do it.

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