Reader Submissions: Six True Tales of Ghosts and Ghouls

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Here are a few short ghost stories I’ve received from readers. Do any send a chill down your spine?

Princess Seraphina
“I’m pretty sure my daughter is ‘friends’ with St. Seraphina. She talks about her and Seraphina all the time and tells us that Seraphina is a princess. What an odd name for a four year old to randomly come up with. I didn’t know anything about Saint Seraphina until I Googled it. The only thing I came up with was Ben Affleck’s daughter’s name and this Saint. No cartoon characters generated on the web search. So where did she get the name? Also, she twirls around talking to “Princess Seraphina.” not kidding here. It’s uncanny.

Last night, I opened my master bedroom door and sitting in front of my daughter’s door (we have hardwood floors) was a crumpled up piece of paper – a receipt – that was spinning by itself on the ground. FAST. When I stepped  forward, the paper abruptly stopped. When showing this spinning act to my wife, the paper wouldn’t spin at all. It’s almost like the floor was greased up. Just spinning. I understand that Saint Seraphina was a “spinner?” Before the spinning incident, my wife and I had a huge fight. It was almost like something was telling me to chill out. I’m not crazy, but this is a very true story.”

Doll Shadow
“I have seen shadows and a doll going from room to room. It’s weird that the shadows and the doll appear in the same spot!”

Creature in the Country
“We live out in the county, and when my son was about 11 or 12 years old he saw what he describes as a ‘creature’ standing beside one of our cars one night. He was in the yard, near the front door, and he said it was about four feet tall, thin, dressed in black, standing near the car about 50 feet away. He said it did not look human. My son didn’t tell us about this until a few years later because he didn’t think we would believe him, but he said it scared him. He told us he turned to come inside, and when he looked back, it was gone. We have never experienced this again, although I admit I do look around sometimes to see who or what may be watching.”

Eerie EVPs
“We have done a lot of EVPs in graveyards, and a few times my husband and I both heard a sound of a baby crying early in the a.m., close to the room in which I have over 70 dolls. I’ve heard it twice and so has my husband. I even recorded a doll saying “What do you think?” when I asked if they could talk. See wendy b on YouTube.”

A Visit from Grandpa
Several years ago, my dead grandfather appeared to me. I was 45 years old. He had died in his forties of a heart attack. I never knew him. I saw him across the road and he said “Michele, please come and talk to me.” I told him that I would get in trouble if my grandma saw this. He understood and disappeared.

It was a beautiful moment and I realized that our loved ones can cross over. It gave me peace.”

The Woman in White
“I was taking a tour when I heard my name being called. I turned around to find no one there! So I went to investigate with my friend. I was behind him when he stopped dead in his tracks. I asked what was wrong. He then said, ‘There is someone in front of us.” We had a thermal imager! Anyway, I said to just stand still, but then things went from bad to worse. My friend said, “It feels like the ghost (a woman in white) is using my body to communicate!”

Well, I just blacked out along with my friend. When we woke up we found ourselves outside.”

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  1. If any of these people need help I offer my services as a Mage and of the Paranormal groups I work with.

    We do Remote Work and we are connected to the National Paranormal Society (NPS) Our site is here:

    The dolls and woman in white are what caught my attention. We’re here if anyone needs us.

  2. I wonder if the peosrn who owns that car will think it’s a practical joke? Seriously, would you believe it?I used to think that Garfleck adopted the Paltrow/Martin (Paltrin? Martow?) of dealing with publicity, you know, how Chris Martin would rather throw himself in front of a bus rather than be photographed with his wife. So, it’s nice to see Ben with his wife and kids this week.They do make such cute kids. I like how proud Violet looks in the photo with her bag.

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