One comment on “6 Signs a Ghost Story is Probably BS

  1. I agree with most of what you wrote, but history is not solid, any historian or history major will tell you it’s fluid, largely based on theory of what we think we know based on a few facts we find which could be proven one minute and disproven the next.

    Hell you’ll find historians debating on the same subject like Preachers from different sects debating Christ. And though they know many facts even then it’s all surmise and conjecture. Nothing is for certain and even with records not everything survives time.

    Look at the movie Changeling with Angelina Jolie, it was based on records the State of California was going to burn till someone found it and shared the story.

    Before then, no one remembered The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders or the abduction of children by that psycho path. None of us would’ve known it ever happened or what the police did to that poor woman because the history was lost and could’ve been lost forever had the person charged with burning the records not shared what he found.

    Point is, just as we shouldn’t base everything on word of mouth or old stories, neither should we have blind faith in only conventional means of acquiring information. Because then we might not see what may be there in front of us based on initial skepticism.

    And a lot of these cliches are not cliches, but spiritual curses caused by certain kinds of deaths. In Japan, Occultists often identified what kind of spirit they were dealing with based on manner of death and behavior of the spirit.

    Such as with Vengeful spirits.

    I’m not saying such phenomena didn’t get exploited into stories used to scare people from breaking cultural mores, but the phenomena does exist sadly.

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