Ghost Video: Did a Bar Regular’s Ghost Ring This Bell?

Employees at England’s Exmouth Rugby Club got quite the shock Sunday afternoon when a bell mounted over the bar suddenly started to ring. CCTV footage from the club (below) shows startled workers gaping at the bell after someone, or something, yanked on the rope.

“It made us all jump because it was ringing so loud. It was really being yanked with some force,” waitress Tasmyn Burns told the Daily Mail. “I thought someone may have been playing a joke or something so I was shocked when I saw no one else was there. I don’t normally believe in ghosts but it’s quite hard not to after what happened.”

Bar staff wonder if Nigel Harris, a regular who died in 2010, is behind the eerie event. Harris was 64 when he died of a heart attack.

The ringing bell isn’t the only odd occurrence at the Exmouth Rugby Club. Manager Frank Bright heard a whistle when he was alone in the bar, while other employees have noticed muffled voices in the lounge area.

What do you think of the footage?

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