Reader Submission: The Haunted Dolls

creepy dolls

A reader submitted these true tales about eerie dolls that walk and talk. Enjoy!

It Moves Even Now
“Once I went to a charity shop and bought a pot doll with ginger curly hair and a green Scottish dress. I took it home and put it on the bottom step of my staircase. I then went upstairs to get something, but when I got down the doll had moved to the mat at the front door.

The following morning I awoke, and my husband said he had got up in the night and heard singing and footsteps. In the afternoon, my husband went out and I was alone. I made myself a sandwich, and I went to the living room. I turned the lights on and sat down. Two minutes later, the light turned off by itself and the doll was on the sofa next to me. I got up and turned the light back on, sat down, and two minutes later the lights went off again. Ever since I bought the doll I’ve heard singing and laughing and I’ve seen it moving…even now.”

“I have this doll called Sally and she was my great great grandmother’s. The doll has been passed along in the family. When it came to me, I was 9 years old. I loved it and played with it, but when I got the doll couldn’t tell if it was real. I heard my doll crying and laughing and saw it move into different positions. One minute Sally would be sitting down and the next minute she’d be standing up. Once I heard my doll say ‘I love you my grandchild.’ That’s all it said. I asked my great grandma, who was 83, how old my great great grandma had been. She said she had died at the age of 78. So I’m guessing my doll is around 78. I believe my doll has the spirit of my grandma inside her.”

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  1. Hi Sannion,I had sent a message to Dver, and I did not get a reply yet. I am not tiyrng to bug y’all I just wanted to know if y’all got it. You posted a lot of good info on Hermes and Dionysus, and I am in the process of making my site, listed on this comment. I was wondering if I cited you can I put your info on my site for the Gods? I also was inquiring about an oracle to Dver.I know y’all are probably very busy.I also wanted to mention that I love her wolf bone necklace and pieces including bones! -Khaire,Dorothy

  2. Have eleven haunted dolls my first one more then 10 years ago all children spirit ages 2-10, can try and help the earthbound spirit to crossover but it can’t be forced to if he/she doesn’t want to. Regardless of the activity if it’s not hurting anyone it’s friendly or benign? Singing, moving, cold spots fog or black mist figures don’t bother me. Recognize and respect who they are and let them know, if the activity bothering you ask them nicely to tone it down a little. Have feeling they are disembodied people.

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